Andy Mark tests product for "Kokomotion" causes quake

3.8 magnitude earthquake hits north central Indiana during the test of Andy Marks new product for the FRC 2011 event “Kokomotion”.

During testing of unreleased products for the unreleased FRC game code named “Kokomotion” a 3.8 magnitude earthquake rocked the nearby Indiana area. No roboteers were injured in the quake. Company officials were not available for comment. More news and or rumors to follow.

Kokomotion? That’s not the game, it’s a hint that the game pieces are pineapples and coconuts! (Aruba, Jamaica, Bermuda, Bahama…) Hmmm…

everybody knows
a little place like Kokomo
now if you wanna go
to get away from it all –
go down to Kokomo

Earlier today, I drove up US highway 31. About half an hour past Indy, I was overcome by strange mix of feelings – the sudden urge to purchase robot drive train components, and to hear the rhythm of a steel drum band …


Kokomo? Beach Boys? Water game! wokka wokka

This thread is a joke, right?

Somehow I doubt AM can create earthquakes… :stuck_out_tongue:

I dunno, did you research the Andy Baker thread to make sure?

Remember, only YOU can set a good examples for rookies to search CD first before asking questions or responding!!

The thread is; the earthquake isn’t.

You did see which forum it was in, right? If it’s in the Rumor Mill, don’t take it seriously. At least until the rumor is confirmed. (This one won’t be.)

We have to build a robot which can tow a mobile version of Tesla’s earthquake machine, which we then have to activate to knock off a stack of disks that are on a column. XD

This means…

Hawaiian Shirts through out Build season!!!

That’s just what we need – FIRST games named and modeled after WFA winners…

This thread is an awesome start to the new year!

You know what this means…A WATERGAME!!! ::ouch:: ARRRRRRRRRRRRR, A PIRATE EMOTICON!!!