Andy mark tread drives

Having some problems getting the drive base to turn. Anyone have any ideas to help? I think they are programming in java. Thanks again folks!!

I think you’ll need to share more details for us to be able to help. This could be something with the drivetrain, or it could easily be a code issue that has nothing to do with the fact that it’s a tread drive. Can you explain what happens when you’re expecting to turn? Do motors turn on? Does the drivetrain shudder? Do breakers trip?

(Full disclosure, I used to work at AndyMark.)

…and what does the robot do when it is supported on blocks, with the treads not contacting the floor?

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First, to verify - do you mean that are able to drive forward/reverse, but can’t turn, or that you can’t drive the treads at all? Everyone so far appears to be assuming the first, as shall I for now.

What is the spacing between your treads? I haven’t worked with these so I don’t know the specific number, but the closer together the treads are, the harder it is to turn because scrub torques from the tread exceed the drive torque you can achieve.

Is the battery fully charged?
Are the battery cables firmly attached to the power distribution board?
How many volts are you getting at the motors?

If you are getting consistent power to the motors and the wheels turn, then can you apply more voltage to the one side ( for example the wheels on the right side of the robot)?

Are you using pneumatic wheels?
If so, how many and are the center ones lower on the frame than the other wheels?

If none of these factors are affecting your robot, then maybe its the length of your frame vs the width of your frame.
Let us know the number and size of your wheels, your drive transmission ratio, number and type of motors, plus the length and width of your frame.