AndyMark 2019 Halloween Release

Wait a minute, we just did one of these…

You asked, we listened. AndyMark is proud to announce a few more new products, just in time for Halloween. We heard your feedback over the past couple years about products being launched too closely to kickoff, with little time for teams to explore and try out our new products before the season. As such, we’re moving towards a more regular release schedule, including this one! These products are geared towards FIRST Robotics Competition Teams.

AndyMark is joining in the fun with making small brushed motor connections easy, with our MultiMount Boards!

These multimount boards are intended to be easy-to-use connector-replacements to convert your solder-tab connections to easy plug-and-play motors. No need for frustrating spade connectors or the threat of breaking the terminals on a motor and look at all the space for activities!

The 775 MultiMount is red and features several mounting positions allowing you to place the MultiMount in the optimal direction. Best of all, included posts allow for the AM Mag encoder when using a RedLine or other 775 class motor. Protect the terminals, Anderson Power Poles pointing toward the motor face, AND encoder mounting? Best. Deal. Ever.

The 550 MultiMount in blue offers more angles to attach your 550 motors, allowing you to attach in a number of ways for the most convenient power connection placement! Use these boards to make motor swapping pain and worry-free.

This summer, when developing our Rover Chassis, we also developed a couple CAN-related items that teams will find useful. One of those is our CAN Connector Board:

This design orients the connector parallel to the mounting surface for a strain-reduced wirepath. It also features a simple 1" mounting pattern perfect for #10-32 screws for easy mounting on the robot. The board has no active traces near the mounting holes, so you can easily just match-drill through the board to translate the hole pattern to your robot with ease! We’re also now offering the correct resistor for CAN setups with FRC control system components (Such as the Talon SRX, Victor SPX, etc) when you are not using the CTRE Power Distribution Panel. Perfect for those Hero control system setups for non-FRC use!

We’ve also updated our Button Board offering with slightly-less vibrant buttons. You can get it in any colour, so long as it’s black.

This setup includes everything you need for a panel-mount custom button board setup, perfect for custom FRC drivers’ stations! When plugged into a Windows computer, the controller will show up as a Generic USB Controller and can be seen by the FIRST Robotics Competition Driver Station. Want to use switches you already have in the stockpile? Using the controller board, you can wire up any switch you’d like to create the perfect controller.

It should be known at this point that AndyMark loves aluminum extrusions. We make a lot of products out of them, including our 500EX Hex Hubs, as well as our 4IN and 6IN Performance Wheels. We heard a lot of customers asking for the raw material we make these products from, so we made them available for you:

AndyMark Performance Wheels are the most rigid and robust wheels available for competition robots. Over many years we’ve honed in the features we love on this wheel, but now its time for you to be able to make your own style too.

Our four and six and inch Performance Wheel extrusion is available to you for machining your own custom wheels. Take the best profile for your needs, and make it your own. The extrusion has no bore features when shipped, giving you a blank canvas for making the perfect wheel for your robot drive train.

We’re also offering the raw extrusion (in short chunks) that we make our 500EX Hex Hubs from:

Custom machine hex hubs for your needs with our hex hub extrusion! In our current machining processes for making our 500EX Hex Hub (am-2568) remnants are left. We refuse to throw them out! We want you to be able to make custom hubs with them! Since these components have come out of a machine they may have small visual imperfections.

As these are pieces from the tail end of production runs, the parts may have sharp edges. Please be cautious when receiving.

We noticed this fall that there was a small hole in our compliant wheel offerings, so 60A 2" Compliant Wheels are now available in sizes suitable for FTC teams, as well as snug fits on 1/2 and 3/8" hex shafts:

And finally, in theme for Halloween, AndyMark is proud to announce that we are offering 40A Durometer Orange Compliant and Stealth wheels in every bore and size that we sell our popular green wheels in:

We hope you’re as excited about some of our newest products as we are! Happy Halloween!



The earlier release date is incredible. Thank you Andy Mark for listening to feedback from the community about this.


Oh boy I can’t wait to make thicc wheels.


I thought it was almost Halloween… But this looks more like Christmas to me


Does the multi mount include power pole housings with it?

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Yes, it definitely does!

Hey AndyMark people. This early date is the best move any supplier has made in years. A couple things on here are exactly what we were looking for. Nice, nice job.


The 2020 meta is going to be steamrollers.


Love, love, love the early release date. THANK YOU!

The CAN connector board is sweet, but I just can’t justify $5 per board / $60 per robot for a single-layer PCB with a single component.

If I buy a CAN connector, I’m buying 20 connections worth per robot (hi/lo for ten controllers), for two robots, and I’d like to spend no more than $1 per connection. I’m there with solder/heatshrink and Wago lever nuts, and I’m very close with Vex 276-4128 header pin locks. If you can get to $3 per assembly soldered, I’d be discussing them with my team, and I’d pull out my credit card right now as a $2 unassembled kit.

I do like the multimount kits, and will definitely be thinking about moving over from Ozzy’s product. Plus the manufacturing geek in me adores that you’re selling wheel extrusions! I’m very tempted to pick one up, even after cross-country shipping, to have a prop for volume manufacturing discussions :smiley:


Not only the early release date but the IN STOCK NOW aspect is awesome. Now let’s hope the other suppliers take notice.


We’re talking about you, VexPro.
Maybe a few other COTS suppliers, but mostly just you


A few more things…

AndyMark is proud to announce an update to one of our long standing products, the Snow Blower Motor!

Brushes are still cool, right?

Everyone’s favourite motor for indexing and small jobs in tight spaces on a robot is back with everyone’s favorite shaft, 1/2 in. hex! This motor and gearbox combo originally came from a snowblower assembly, but now has a custom shaft just for AndyMark. Use our half-hex hub to transfer power directly or sprocket and chain to the mechanism of your dreams! The shaft also now has a #10-32 hole in the end for easy hub/sprocket retention.

AndyMark is also proud to be a retailer for the brand new Falcon 500 Motor!

AndyMark is also offering a pre-built version of the Falcon 500 that includes the Short Spline Shaft. This is an attractive option for teams who are looking for an out-of-the-box configuration of this powerful motor that is ready for planetary gearboxes, like our CIM Sport Gearbox. No need to cut the shafts, they’re ready to go for your needs.

As a note, we’re still working on other products (gears, pulleys, etc) that are compatible with the new spline shaft that the Falcon 500 uses. We’re not quite ready to show these products off yet, stay tuned. :slight_smile:



The Falcon 500 page says it has 780W power, double the power of a NEO, and stalls at 257A, which is insane. It also has the same bolt-circle as a CIM, so easy attaching, and built-in 2048 bit encoder with motor controller. This motor makes me wish I was still a student!
For those who are just as excited about it as I am, there is another thread here on CD with more info on the motor such as power at 40A/12V. Great job to all of the companies involved!

Any idea of when we can expect these products to go on sale? We are looking at falcon 500s for our drive train but feel that we can’t quite use it with the spline shaft.

The Snow Blower Motor with Hex Shaft is already available for sale. Currently, we’re anticipating the Falcon 500 to arrive in our warehouse close to the end of the month.

If you’d like to be notified as soon as the motor becomes available for purchase, sign up for the in stock notification email! To get the link to show up you’ll need to select one of the drop-down options.


How about the pinion gears that can interface with the falcon 500? If if seen correctly, the special gears/pulleys have not been released yet and nothing else fits on the falcon shaft

As my colleague @Nick_Lawrence mentioned, we’re still working on other products. I’m sure we’ll be announcing a release date in the next couple weeks via social media channels, our newsletter, and on our website. Stay tuned!


With this many watts and amps, I can see lots of people browning out when they exceed the amps of what the controllers handle and voltage drops trigger the RoboRio.

You can also get an 8mm shaft here:

This mounts in the same manner as the other replacement shafts, and allows you to use existing 8mm bore parts that you may already have or are available.