AndyMark 3 Port Charger

Anyone have any significant experience with the relatively new AndyMark charger ? Does it automatically start charging as soon as a battery is plugged in or do you have to press buttons to select charger rates/start button etc (something students can forget to do) ?

The manufacturer (not AM) states that this charger will charge to 100% capacity while other chargers may only charge to 80%. Any firm evidence of how this charger performs compared to the 2 chargers FIRST has provided over the years (one transformer based (with some electronics) and one a switching PS version I believe) ?

We (FRC 2046) have 2 of them we’re using. Charging starts when you connect the battery, charge rate is set automatically. Red light means it’s charging, green light means it’s done. Driver tryouts were done with the drive base for this years game. Running 4 CIMS, we’re getting about 10-15 minutes of running around using batteries from the last two years. Haven’t timed the charge process and compared to the previous models, but it “seems” to work well so far.

Thanks for the info. We’ve ordered one. Just out of interest, after the build season, I will try to do an accurate wattmeter based test of the capacity of a battery charged with each of our 3 battery charger types. But our primary goals for this charger is reduce the ac cord count, possibly retire (from competition) some older suspect chargers and have it student proof (no need to select charge rates or press a charge button!). The brand and model seem to have a great reputation.

2389 has two as well. So far, so good. We are very pleased with them.

Does it have a battery recondition mode?

No it just does standard charging.