AndyMark 9015 Motor (am-0912)

Got a quick question about the AndyMark 9015 Motor (am-0912). We are trying to interface it with a PG27 planetary gearbox (purchased separately). Are the two pieces linked below the only other parts I need to properly interface the motor to the gearbox? Thanks!

Those are for a different series of AM Planetary Gearbox, I believe. In fact, you don’t even need the adaptor plate, the PG27 is built to accept the 9015 (among others), no additional hardware needed (except the pinion).

If you want a 9015 motor on a PG27, they sell it here.

We used these on our intake this year, and were very happy.
But before we succeeded, we attempted to pull the pinion gear off of the 775 motor that was installed in our PG27s, and succeeded. But when we pressed it onto the 9015, it split in two pieces. After all, it is “formed from powdered metal.”

After a lot of searching, I found this, which is the pinion that you need. It was not under pinion gears, but instead under planetary gears.

Hopefully someone will make this more clear on the AM website; a link to the correct pinion from the PG27 page would be extremely helpful and reduce confusion.

When comparing the combination motor/gearbox that you linked with a picture of a stand-alone PG27, it still looks like there is an additional silver adapter plate that is added to the back of the gearbox. We currently have both the motor and the gearbox separate and the motor output shaft is too long for them to be mounted together without some additional hardware in between.

It does look like I had the wrong pinion though. Thanks!

I believe you need this adapter plate to interface a 9015 to the gearbox. (It says it is for the PG71, but if I remember correctly, it is the same style mounting for the PG27. You will need to get the 11 tooth pinion for it, though, along with some new mounting hardware. (If you need the hardware, you could order this and just use the 11 tooth pinion instead of the 17 that comes with the kit.)

It may be easiest to call the folks at AndyMark to ensure you are able to do what you want to do.

The gearbox by itself is $55, the gearbox with a motor attached or gearbox with motor and backshaft attached is $69. Given that you’re going to have to install it in the pits at competition, it makes far more sense to me to show up with a COTS part at $14 more than have to swap out gearboxes with motors and maybe press on a new pinion unless you have some really tight budget or R9 issues.