AndyMark aluminum omnis now online, plus a surprise

So I see the new omnis online. 6" and 8", $45/49]( I dig the new decal–very snazzy.

But the show-stealer, in my book at least, is the 500 Hex Hub, designed to take just about any AM wheel and make it accept a half-inch hex shaft. Will 2007 be the year of hex?

The new omnis are beastly. Enough said.

Sweet. But how much stronger are these aluminum omnis going to be (than 2006’s plastic omnis)? I lost count of how many of those we broke.

Andy was talking about these new wheels at Ramp Riot this year, and while i have no idea the technicalities behind it, he said they were much stronger

I saw them at Ramp Riot, and they seemed considerably stronger (I couldn’t flex them with my hand…not that I tried… :rolleyes: )

These omnis are a combination of the best aspects of the old Trick Wheel and the current plastic omni wheel.

The main advantage of these wheels is that they are repairable. If they do take a hit that would bend them, you can bend them back. If the impact is so hard that a screw falls out, then you can put in a longer screw and put on a nut… good to go. We had one 8" version at the Team Ford FIRST this past October with “Break me” written on one side… kids were jumping up and down on it and throwing it against the wall. It did bend (a bit) and one screw fell out. I was able to stand on it to bend it back, and the screw could be re-inserted.

The plastic omni wheel and this new aluminum omni wheel have the same molded rubber rollers that are so much better than the old extruded rollers we used on the Trick Wheels (those were inconsistently made).

This aluminum omni wheel has a 1/8" thick bore for a 1/2" id flange bearing (1.124" dia o.d.). There are two ring plates that capture the rollers which are also 1/8" thick. This thin framed bore may be not preferred to some folks, and they will go for the 1" wide bore of the plastic omni wheel.

Oh… and the plastic omni wheel has been improved also. The mold was changed to have a tighter fit for the 1/2" bearing, and the dowel for the rollers fits a bit looser, to reduce stress risers. Also, we are now using no fiberglass filler in the black polycarbonate (natural polycarb. has a higher Izod impact rating than 10% fiberglass filled polycarbonate… go figure).

The stickers were fun to design. There is a sticker manufacturer here in Kokomo who make the “Throttle Jockey” stickers for the moto-cross industry. They make all of our stickers, which have a clear laminate over the top of them so the print does not wear off.

Thanks for the comments… we’ll keep workin on stuff.

Andy B.

Hex is pretty much the best thing ever, in my book. It makes life oh so much easier.

Anyone who has the capability to do so should definitely look into using hex shafts and hex broached parts for power transmission.

Hey Andy, great job as usual! The aluminum omnis wheels are significantly stronger, lighter, field repairable, and just plain look cooler. Other than being $3 each cheaper what possible advantage do the plastic omnis have? I just can’t see why anyone would use the plastic ones now that you have these aluminum ones.

Oh yeah, I love the hex hub too!

A couple of reasons:
*since these are thin they require both spacers and another bearing(in the sprocket) for sprockets to be used with a dead axle. The old plastic ones don’t require either of these so their installation is cleaner.

*People have been prototyping using the plastic ones and if they like their drive the way it is I doubt they will just abandon those for un-tested waters.

*people also might have purchased wheels before these came out and want to use inventory.

Basically they are both great products and people will have to choose for themselves which they care to use.

Looks like another quality andy mark product, I love to see the new stuff from year to year.

Good points, Greg!

Yeah, the plastics do have their advantages too. We’re looking at using them largely for the 2 bearings inside of them.

Ohh i’ve been waiting for those #25 sprockets, those get me excited :p. Yay! no more huge steel, heavy, sprockets!

We used 6" plastic last year and loved them. We mated them with the #35 aluminum sprockets.

Am I the only one that can’t find the “order” button for the aluminum omni wheels? I was going to order one to beat on before build season and see how I like it but can’t seem to figure out how to actually order it. Are these not available for sale yet?

It’s fixed now. Sorry about that.

When are the dual omnis going to be up?

Wow that was fast! I have ordered a new 6" aluminum omni wheel and a new 6" performance wheel and some other stuff so I can do some “touch and feel” tests before season starts. Does this mean I am the first to order one of the new aluminum omnis and thus get serial number 0000001? :wink: Maybe Santa’s Big Brown Sleah will deliver my AM presents in time for Christmas! I think I have been good this year! :smiley: