AndyMark CIM Planetary Gearbox Torque Specs Needed


I’ve emailed Andy Baker twice over the past two days hoping for an answer, but he has yet to get back to me. However, we REALLY need to find specs on the torque output and capabilities of the CIM Planetary Gearbox. We want to use it for lifting out arm because of it’s reduction, but we do not know if it will have enough output torque. Any information would be great.

We are about 90-95% CADing our robot and probably 45-55% done machining and 80-85% of our parts we need have been ordered. We hope to have it working within the next 7-10 days. But we need this info to tie up the loose ends.


It would depend on the torque of the motor? Basically motor torque x 181.

Our arm last year used this box and it lifted the front of the robot off the ground before we programed the stop point.

Also factor in .85-.9 efficieny for each of the 4 stages.

I believe Kyle’s question is being misinterpreted.
We are curious about if the gearbox can handle the amount of torque the motor can send through it.
So, does any one know if the output shaft is rated to take the
motor torque x 181.

It wouldn’t be a very good gearbox if it couldn’t…

but seriously, if you factor in the losses at each stage due to gears the gearbox is probably in the 60-70% efficiency range (overall) which means that the gearbox would have a stall torque of approximately 261.18 N/m or 192.63 ft/lbs (depending on the actual efficiency)