Andymark CIM v VEXpro CIM

Is there really any difference between CIMs?

As far as I can tell, just whether they go through Indiana or Texas on their way to your shop.

Presumably they come from the same little factory in China. You might see year to year variations from manufacturing changes.

Totally identical. They’re the same part ordered from the same factory with different part numbers on the side.

I can verify that they are the exact same motor. This is a basic requirement of us from FIRST. If either company wants to make changes, we have to get the change approved by FIRST or make it a new motor (which also has to be approved by FIRST).

As a complete gentlemen’s agreement, Andy and I have informed each other of any changes we wanted to make so we can make the same changes to keep the motor consistent.

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Now I’m curious: What changes have been made over the years?

I think keyway location is one of them.