AndyMark Climber in a Box Rope

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Our team is using the AndyMark 2-stage climber in a box and we can’t figure out how to properly attach the rope to the top part of the climber. We can find plenty of videos displaying how to install the motor and rope at the bottom, but not the top. Can anyone please help.

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I definitely recommend attaching to the hook rather than the tube, as it is made of thicker aluminum. My personal thought would be to wrap it around the lowest of the bolts connecting the hook plates together a bunch of times so that each end is pulling near the plates rather than in the middle of the bolt, then tie a bowline (which does not tend to collapse) below that. I’ll post a picture here tonight.

I made this sample with a bit of scrap channel and a shoelace, but it shows the concept. I tied a line of half hitches* around the through bolt, as these are more likely to maintain their width under tension than simple loops. This means that the pull on this bolt will be at the ends, not near the middle so the bolt is not likely to bend under the tension.

I then brought those two legs together with a bowline†.

* A half hitch is essentially an overhand knot (that is, the simplest knot of all) around a rope or object, in this case around the through bolt.
† To tie a bowline, twist the standing line (the one that runs to the winch) into a loop, with the hook end coming over the winch end. Then, push the bitter end (the short end) of the line up through that loop, down and behind the standing line to the hook, then up and back down through the loop on the standing line side of the first push through, as pictured below (This drawing is inverted from my photo):

If you have a splicing fid, replacing the bowline with such a splice seems to be a great way to go.

And if you don’t get this figured out in the next day or two, I’m sure I can come over and give you a hand before practice matches, as I’m doing load-in, queuing, and load-out at Bayou.


Highly recommend doing a eye splice on the end.

[How to] Dyneema Eye Splice | Sailing Wisdom - YouTube

1/8" spectra splices nicely with a 1/4" fid.

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Thank you so much for your reply, however, we unfortunately do not have the equipment required for the eye splice technique. Do you know of any alternatives?

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Definitely use the bowline knot like GeeTwo recommended. You don’t need any equipment for that. Take a couple of turns of the rope around the lowest bolt on the hook set, then tie a bowline knot, which can be tied with the rope already around the bolt. In case you have not tied this knot before, here is the Animated Knots instructions on how to do it. It’s a really simple knot but holds very well in Dyneema line. You could easily hang your robot plus a couple of other from a loop tied with a bowline.


Thank you so much for your reply!

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Seeing as you’re located in Baton Rouge, LA, I’d imagine you are near some kind of boating/marine supply store. You can very likely find everything you’d need there. Would highly recommend giving them a call to see if they can help. Splicing is definitely the best way to do it. Heck, they can probably help teach ya how to do it in person there, too.

A fast food drink straw also works for this purpose in a pinch.

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