AndyMark Climber Stocking

I just got the email that the Climber in a Box is back in stock but all options on the website are listed as out of stock. Has anyone else experienced this? Can anyone at AndyMark comment on how things are looking over there?

Similar experience here. Actually got as far as having them in the cart (two different times: first with, then without, extrusion) but having them removed at check out before being able to complete the order. Would be interested to know ETAs on restock (as they’ve been accurate online so far, though seemingly with very small numbers available when they do become available)

Nick Lawrence addresses this here:

I believe thriftybot has (extrusionless) kits in stock. I am partial to the design of the thriftybot climber. Might want to give it a look if you are time constrained and don’t have a specific reason to use the Andymark kit

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