Andymark closed and discontinued page

On Andymark’s closed and discontinued page (, it lists the treads for the plaction/performance wheels. Does this mean the game next year won’t allow them, or does it mean they’re just getting new orders in soon and want to get the rest of their stock out?

More than likely, they are just getting new inventory in soon. But who knows, we may not be able to use traction wheels next year.

Those closeouts are for the old traction wheels not the plaction/performance wheels.

I hope we can use traction wheels next year!

I believe they’re discontinuing the traction wheels that the tread corresponded to, hence they’re discontinuing the tread too. (I suspect they had them cut and drilled and just want to get the shelf space back; my understanding is that roughtop comes on big rolls.) Edit: Turns out you can’t even get the 5" and 6" traction wheels anymore.

Consider that the last time FIRST threw a significant wheel-tread loop (that being 2009’s rover wheels that AndyMark also sold), AndyMark made no visible changes to their lineup beyond adding those wheels. If you want hints, you’re likely barking up the wrong tree.

Considering that 18 of the last 20 games have allowed traction wheels, the chances are pretty good. However a lot has changed in the GDC so all bets are off. My advise, Wait till kick off.

Well, now that Billfred is a member of the GDC (taking Dave Lavery’s place), perhaps THIS is the game hint we’ve all been waiting for?

RR ALERT!!! :eek: :ahh: :yikes: cover your eyes! ::safety::

It’s not Billfred, it’s somebody else from the Palmetto state.

I should have known when I saw…