AndyMark Coolie Dualie now available

8", $55. I’ve only heard about it until now, and I have to say that I’m quite interested, especially with the individual screw for each roller. Would that allow for the rollers to be locked into place, for a 4WD application?

I saw those at Ramp Riot and I can say “There Madd Totally Awsome Yo!”

I noticed though that the actual diameter of the wheel it 7.8" so does that mean that if you were going to use a 6 wheel drive with omnis front and back and normal wheels in the center, the center wheel would be .1" lower then the other? If so could you use these with out even having to lower your center wheel.

I’m thinkin six wheel drive, Daulies in the front and back and performance wheels in the center? That would be so Pimp…

It may be pimp, but the only thing keeping you from getting pushed sideways is a 1x1 piece of rubber on the floor. Big, flying, heavy robot against wimpy 1x1 piece of rubber? I think you can see where this is going.

ooo pretty wheel…

Dosen’t look like it’ll be possible to support a 120+ lb robot on a few of those… who knows…

That is the first thought that comes to my mind when I see these. I have seen the best robots turn into spinning tops and trapped into corners with no way out with wheels like these. It is sad to say that, that is the reason I love them. They are veryyy cool looking, and I am sure they move like a hot knife through butter. Yet, I am not even going to think of changing from the old reliable traction that our cheap skyway wheels give us.

Now only if there was a locking “trick” wheel … hint hint!

I am 100000% sure that andymark built them in mind to support a 120+ lb robot. A flaw like that will lead them to only bad business.

Maybe it looks that way, but this guy is very sturdy. It appears to be just as sturdy as our aluminum omni wheels. The body is 3/32" thick steel. The wheels weigh about 1.4 lbs each.


I think these wheels look great and I am glad to see something diffrent coming out (though they might not end up being the best for every situation). I think it is important for us all to try as many new things as possible and not get caught in our old patterns. I am looking foreward to some crazy stuff going on this season!

Wait a little bit this season and you might see one from Arizona :smiley: