Andymark custom color compliant wheel color

Has anyone else paid the premium for the AndyMark custom colored compliant wheels? Were they the same shade as what is pictured? I preface this with when the survey came out i messaged AndyMark asking about the shade of yellow since yellow can vary quite a bit. They replied that the color will be like the Steamworks gear. Just so happened that, that matches our team yellow almost perfectly. So i said we would buy some yellow ones. Well when they become available the steep price difference for them made us hesitant to purchase since we were on a tight budget since changing part ecosystems this past year. We were going to purchase them if we decided to use them on this years robot which we ended up not using them. So end of season rolls around and we ended up having a little extra money we could spend on parts so we ordered some of them. We received them yesterday and were sorely disappointed at the color. They were nowhere near the color they said they would be or even close to the picture on their website. Instead of being a bright yellow like this years cone they are a dull brownish yellow that don’t look anything like what they stated or have pictured. To say we are extremely unhappy is an understatement. So now we have some wheels that cost 66% more than standard wheels (the 2.25" version) and have to be regulated to prototypes and practice bots. Sorry for the rant but thought people should at least know the yellow is way off of what is shown and because they are the “custom” color they are not returnable.

Hi @Thor5090,
I’m sorry the wheels didn’t meet your expectations. At the time you asked us we did not have any pictures, but since we were using the same yellow dye we knew it would be close. You are right that the images on the product page are a bit brighter than most normal lighting scenarios (as it was in a photo booth) but I think it turned out pretty close to the gear. If yours are significantly different from these, please send us a picture with a gear to [email protected] and we’ll see what we can do.


We purchased both red and white compliant wheels of varying sizes. They were all exactly what was advertised and looked as they did in the product photo.

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I can tell from the pic you show of the gears to what we received is different. I can’t get photos of them until Tuesday evening since that is when we have our next practice.
Maybe you should update your photo to more closely resemble what they actually look like in person.

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