AndyMark Encoder with Cable availability

Hi, my team is aiming to use the absolute encoder with cable provided by AndyMark to use it on a swerve drivetrain but the sensor is constantly out of stock, my question is, do somebody know when it is going to be in stock again?

Thank you. :slight_smile:

You can buy it from here for a little more:
Or you can Google MA3 encoder and see if you can find another store in stock. Then get just the cable from andymark.
Or you can look for another absolute encoder (I think that there are some threads that discuss that).

You can order the MA3 directly from US Digital, which is what I’ve done in the past. Manufacturer’s part numbers for the encoder and cable are listed on AndyMark’s website.

US Digital is a little old school so there’s no online ordering interface. You’ll have to send them an email and they can send you an order form which can either be faxed or emailed back. Their customer service is great, and they ship same day M-Th (office is closed on Friday).

If you’re using your own swerve module you may have other encoder options. If you’re using the Swerve Drive Specialties Mk2 module, it’s designed around the small form factor of the MA3 and takes quite a bit of work to fit any other absolute encoder in there.

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