AndyMark Fall 2021 / Winter 2022 Product Launch

Will this version be in the KOP drivetrains we get this year or would they come with old stock? As a team that is using falcons this would be nice for extra security.


Yes, the mounting face locations, and distances to where the belts seat did not change - making them compatible.


Is there a weight rating on the climber?

While I’m not the designer, it seems that the limiting factor is going to be the load limit on the 3mm dyneema rope. The tubes and constant-force springs are really only there for extension; it’s the dyneema rope that handles the climb load. Dyneema 3mm seems to be rated for about 3,000 lb based on this page:

If that’s not enough for you, you can fit some significantly larger rope inside those tubes!

Oh, yea, and the hooks. Let me just say that I’d have no issue at all trying to lift three full-weight FRC robots on two pair of those hooks, and not much on one pair (and that would be more about imbalance than anything else). The ultimate limiting factor probably comes down to how you secure the rope TO the hooks, and your drum gearing ratio and diameter. Unless FIRST starts asking teams to lift moveable goals or something equally crazy, this climber (possibly doubled for width) should easily cover all cases.


Happy Kickoff! Looks like plenty of teams will be considering ordering these kits given the new game. In light of this, do you have any updates on assembly instructions for the climber kits?

Hello everyone!

Happy kickoff! We hope you are as excited as we are for RAPID REACT! Like every year, we have a bunch of things to talk about that just came out on our website! The first set of which are production-quality replica field elements for teams to use at home! We want to thank all the survey respondents that provided valuable feedback to give us confidence that there was demand for these items, and we are excited to bring them to market so more teams can have access to production-quality field elements.


This is a replica version of the complete UPPER HUB (including the Vision Ring) featured in the 2022 FIRST Robotics Competition game RAPID REACT℠. Constructed of the same materials and designs as the field elements that teams will encounter at competition events, AndyMark is proud to offer a functional equivalent for teams to develop, prototype, practice and play with at home.

We also have replica Practice Field and replica Powered Agitators available too.

UPPER HUB Vision Ring Replica for RAPID REACT℠

This is a replica version of the upper most ring and Vision Target of the UPPER HUB featured in the 2022 FIRST Robotics Competition game RAPID REACT℠. Constructed of the same materials and designs as the field elements that teams will encounter at competition events, AndyMark is proud to offer a functional equivalent for teams to develop, prototype, practice and play with at home.

Because the top ring in the full UPPER HUB assembly relies on other structure below it to hold it together, the Vision Ring has some slight mechanical differences to secure the sections of the assembly together. These should not affect gameplay or physical behavior of this ring.

Additionally, in order to keep costs down for teams, this product does not include vision tape. We recognize many teams have an existing inventory of retroreflective vision tape from prior seasons, and this tape is also available in FIRST Choice. For teams looking to purchase it, we have it available for purchase as am-2934.

One thing I want to note: We expect these products to come in and out of stock based on demand. We produce most of the components for these in house, and can meet demands fairly quickly. Rather than asking in this thread, or on other social medias - the best way to know when these come in stock is to put your email in the “Email When Available” link on these pages when these products go out of stock. We’ll send you an email when they come back in - these email requests also help (not dictate) guide us to see demand for these products.


Official RAPID REACT℠ game pieces are now available for purchase too. Please note that demand for this product is extraordinarily high, and some shipments are still on their way - we appreciate your patience in the process it takes for us to fulfil game piece orders.

AM14U5 - 6 Wheel Drop Center Robot Drive Base - FIRST Kit of Parts Chassis

This is the fifth generation of our legendary AM14U family of chassis. Featuring stronger pulleys, better screws to mount those pulleys to the wheels, even more mounting and powertrain configuration options, and some tweaks to make assembly easier, we’re proud to offer our latest drivetrain package for FIRST Robotics Competition Teams.

Some things to note: The bumper kits and battery kits that worked with the AM14U4, work with the AM14U5. Most of the upgrade kits for the AM14U5 are also compatible too, but there is one small difference. The AM14U5 utilizes a round bearing at the end of the gearbox shaft to make the chassis easier than ever to assemble. We’ve updated the upgrade kits that require this bearing to have a hex inner profile to include this bearing too.

West Coast Drive Style Bearing Block Kit

A West Coast style drivetrain can be finicky to create without precision machining capabilities. This Bearing Block Kit makes it much more accessible for teams to create high performance West Coast Drive style platforms with limited fabrication resources. Simply drill a clearance hole for a shaft to pass through your drive rail, pull your chain or belt tight, and clamp it down with the included hardware. Featuring machined pockets to capture 10-32 Nylock Nuts, these blocks can be used and reused without worrying about damaging threads upon installation. Because each block is the same part, you can keep the screw heads pointing to the outside of your robot for easy maintenance.

This unassembled kit ships with enough hardware to provide significant clamping pressure to help keep your powertrain components tensioned properly, and can withstand upwards of 1500lbs of force along the axis of the tube when properly installed. This means that for most FRC use cases, a team can install these without the need for tensioning devices to keep things aligned.

The AndyMark West Coast Drive Bearing Block Kit is designed to be used with flanged ball bearings with a 1.125" outer race, such as our FR8ZZ-HexHD Bearing.

5/8 in. ID, 7/8 in. OD Black Surgical Tubing

This latex tubing stretches nicely over our Aluminum Hex Spacer Extrusion to create a 1" diameter roller (when installed) for low profile mechanisms. Choose between 3 feet and 10 feet lengths.

To install this grippy tubing on Hex Spacer Extrusion use hand sanitizer or soapy water to lubricate the aluminum, then slide the tubing over and wait for the lubricant to evaporate. You can then power the assembly with a 1/2" hex shaft to intake game pieces or move them around inside your robot.

REV Through Bore Hex Encoder

AndyMark is happy to announce we are now selling the REV Through Bore Hex Encoder on our website. This little guy is awesome and super versatile. There’s even a mounting location for it on the sheet metal of the AM14U5!

Happy kickoff everyone! We wish all the teams luck this season. We have another wave of products arriving over the next couple of weeks, and we’ll post some of them in this thread when they are ready. We’ve learned in a mid-pandemic world to save our announcements on brand new products for when we have real true concrete timelines on when we will have them, or when we already have inventory. There are a few more fun things we expect to announce in the next couple weeks based on these assessments.

In the meantime, keep an eye on our new product page for more new fun things!



How different is the U5 from the U4 from a CAD standpoint? We have the U4 model already to go in our workspace, would it be a bad idea to keep going with this or are they similar enough in terms of size and mounting that we should be fine?

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You should be fine with the U4 model, the U5 just has minor tweaks. The size, and the increments that you can change the size, remained the same. The biggest risk is probably if you planned to mount something to the outside plate using a hole you drill yourself, you might find that a new hole has already removed that metal.
Changes in the sheetmetal include:

  • A little notch on the very top center of the inside plate to make adding 3 motor gearboxes easier.
  • Additional holes in the outside plate that correspond to a Toughbox Micro.
    -This gives teams the option to use two inside plates (instead of an inside and an outside) when running mecanum wheels to gain an extra bit if ground clearance, and better upper-structure mounting options, by not having to deal with the Toughbox Micro “bulge” in the center of the inside plate.
  • Additional small holes around the bearing holes on the outside plate to help mount the REV encoder on the outside of the chassis in the pocket behind the bumpers.
  • The 8 wheel drive axle hole is now full sized and no longer requires teams to drill it out.
    -A new churro standoff hole was added to accommodate this change.

The new pulleys and screws actually take up a hair less space, so nothing to worry about there.

From a CAD perspective you won’t really notice the change from a hex bearing to a round bearing on the Toughbox Mini, but note that the new output shaft also has an optional pin on the outboard side to work with the REV encoder.

You might notice that the U5 model has the screws “upside-down” compared to previous versions. We found that this configuration makes service on the chassis easier after other parts of your robot are built since you can stick an allen screwdriver up through the bottom or down from the top and leave the 3/8" wrench on the outside of the robot.


Our kit was one of those without the belts. Can we just use ones from an old base if we did not use them and decide to do a long bot(we are leaning that way).

Expect a formal post about the belts (and hubs) on Monday, but the belts didn’t change this year, so if you have “long bot belts” AKA 160 Tooth AKA 800mm belts from a previous year at your disposal go right ahead and use them.
You are still entitled to the belts you should have received, so you can still request them via the missing parts process, but belts that you already have will get you driving faster.

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Is the Upper Hub actually out of stock or was it jut temporarily removed for sale?

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For the Upper Hub and Vision Ring we have sold through the volume we project to be able to manufacturer within the next few weeks with our current resource allocation. Since they are mostly manufactured in house we will be evaluating the situation on Monday and may open them back up for sale with a note of what the new lead time will be, or we may continue to collect emails to gauge demand, and open them back up when we have, or are closer to having, more finished inventory on our shelves. As a general rule we try to stay away from “pre-orders” as much as possible.


Looks like we missed the rush on climbers this morning. Any idea when 1 stage climbers will be available?

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We just now opened up sales for the next batch of the UPPER HUB Replica.




May have been a caching thing. As of the time of this post they are open for sale.


Blue Alliance Problems… :slight_smile:

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Should be this week for a few more.


Any plans for restocking the vision ring?


It shows me as available for order right now.