AndyMark Fall 2022 / Winter 2023 Product Launch and Updates

Hi Everyone!

It’s been a while, and we could all use some good news. New year, new thread.

On December 1st at 12PM ET, we’ll be releasing a bunch of brand new products specifically geared towards FIRST Robotics Competition teams!

Brett Bretterson is back again* on the AndyMark Shopping Network for another year of product reveals, hilarity and more. Check out our YouTube channel on December 1st 2022 to follow along with all the fun, and to learn about some of these new products. Also, be sure to check back on this thread for product announcements here too.

We’re really excited to show you some of the new things we’ve been working on, and give you more background on some product development you may have heard about at the 2022 FIRST Championship.


*I swear we let him out for food and water on occasion.


I was waiting for y’all to post this, cause I wanted to let you know that seeing the phrase “AndyMark Home Shopping Network” in my inbox was the funniest thing that’s happened at work today.

S-tier marketing, looking forward to the release.


Hey everyone,

We’re going to push back our release a few hours to make sure everything is ready to go and accurate for you. Thanks for your patience, and stay tuned!



I had a meeting today at 12 EST. Is it a coincidence that this was pushed back to when my time at work is free? :crazy_face:


This is like when your parents tell you have to wait to open christmas presents until they are up and have had their morning coffee :grin:

Eeeeeek! I’m sooo excited.


What’s even worse is as you get a little older and don’t wake up at 5am anymore… they start waking you up when they wake up just so they can make you sit at the top of the stairs and wait for them to get everything ready!


I am the master of torture. I also make them wait until after I’ve poached the eggs and made the hollandaise.

But I want my new stuff NOW!


Didn’t know you had that much influence :wink:

I guess i’m just the tail that wags the dog :wink: maybe next time I’ll actually tell them my schedule!

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But seriously really excited to see what AM has for 2023. always something that makes me want 100 of.

They haven’t even gone live and they’ve upended the market!


A new AndyMark WCD drive train… looks very exciting! We were seriously looking at the Evo Slim’s for this year, the small updates made for the WCD make it more attractive!

Hi everyone! Happy December!

aaaaa it’s already December?

I hope the fall has been good to you all.

Here at AndyMark, we’ve been hard at work developing lots of new things for the 2023 FIRST Robotics Competition season, and we want to show some of them to you today. Back again this year is Brett/Bert/Bretterson/Brettererererson on the AndyMark Shopping Network with some featured products and plenty of humor. We also want to catch you up on some things we’ve soft-released throughout the late summer and fall, too.

AndyMark West Coast Drive Chassis

We’ve been working on this one for years. The AndyMark West Coast Drive Chassis is everything you need to build a robust, 2x1 aluminum box tube West Coast Drive chassis. With this product, there’s no need to cut tubes to length or drill your own mounting or bearing clearance holes - everything is fully machined into the side rails and end rails. Simply assemble your chassis, and you’re ready to hit the carpet (once you add a control system and motors, of course.)

This chassis can be configured in either chain-in-tube, or chain-out-of-tube powertrain setups. To accommodate this, we’ve created special WCD variants of our EVO Slim transmissions that allow for the drive sprockets to be contained within the gearboxes. We’ve also updated the mounting patterns on the Shaft Plates of these gearboxes for more sensible mounting to WCD platforms. We’re also working on a special flipped-motor variant, which we’ll release more details on soon.

The corners of the frame are held together with a combination of our super robust 90 degree corner gussets, as well as brand new tube plugs for 2x1 tubing - which will be available separately on their own soon.

We’re making this product available in many 8WD-based configurations for this season, everything from frame-only versions all the way to a full setup with 6" AndyMark Performance Wheels.

Compact Elevator Bearing and Structure Kits

The AndyMark Compact Elevator system is our next generation line of products to help FIRST Robotics Competition teams create high quality, reliable and robust linear motion mechanisms, such as an elevator or extension arm. We’re offering several different bundles of our Compact Elevator Bearing Kits paired with structural components curated for specific linear mechanism applications.

Currently available as powertrain-ready kits we’re offering bundles of bearing kits, tubing and structural hardware for both 1x1 and 2x1 tubing sizes in 1 and 2 stage elevator (or other linear mechanism) configurations. All options are available with and without .060" wall tubing included for teams utilizing 1x1 or 2x1 tubing from other vendors. The hardware included in these bundles is compatible with tubing with a wall thickness of up to .125", making it compatible with a wide variety of extrusions in the market.

Coming early next year will be powertrain solutions to help teams reach new heights with our Compact Elevator Bearing System!

Custom Color Compliant Wheels

Custom 2022 CyberTooth 2.25" and 3" versions shown.

You’ve asked… for years… so we’re finally working on this. AndyMark is strongly considering making a limited number of Compliant Wheels available in colors that they are not usually available in. Based on customer feedback, teams have indicated they like our squishiest 35A durometer wheels but would like ones that better match their branding.

To facilitate this, the link above directs to an interest form to indicate what colors and sizes you are interested in. For the 2023 season, we are only considering making custom versions of our 1/2" hex bore, 2.25", 3" and 4" Compliant Wheels. At this time, we are not offering other bores, or our non-plastic cored 2" wheels in these custom options. We need to ensure there is enough interest before moving forward and finalizing which colors and sizes to choose.

To help identify these wheels, they will ship with a white center plastic core, unlike the standard black cores shown in the above examples from the 2022 CyberTooth robot, as well as our standard offerings.

Form submissions to gauge interest will close on 12/15/22. Shortly thereafter we will open up the most popular ones for sale, and you will be notified via email to place an order. Wheels will ship mid-January.

If there is significant interest in this program we may run a second round in January / February and we may be able to lower the price from what is shown on the interest form.

Collar Clamps… A Lot Of Them

When we brought high strength and affordable 1/2" hex collar clamps with bearing bosses on each side to market a few years ago, the community response was overwhelmingly positive. However, we heard two pieces of feedback: “More, and please give us colour options!”

So we’re doing exactly that. We’re greatly expanding lineup to include both one piece and two piece options, in both high strength and thinner lightweight versions (with high quality hardware!) in the following bores:

Each of these options are a sensible fractional thickness, have high quality hardware, and feature bearing bosses on both sides that are appropriately sized for whichever bearings they’re likely to run against. We also have a few more options for smaller shafts available on our website too; including 6mm Round, so be sure to check those out too!

Additionally, for 2023 we’re offering fun anodized colours of our most popular collar clamp, 1 part high strength 1/2 Hex, am-1526 in the following new colours:

  • Purple (my favourite)
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Gold
  • Green
  • Red

Oops, all Gears!

image image

It’s finally happening - we’re in the middle of converting our entire line of hex bore spur gears to be symmetrical with bearing bosses on each side We’re expanding our offerings too - including the mythical 85T 32DP 1/2" Hex Bore gear that @Justin_Foss has asked us to make for years. All of these gears are made with high strength steel, many of which are available with aggressive weight relief features to keep things strong while still being a reasonable weight.

4IN BB Mecanum Wheels

We announced these on our site earlier this year, but we’re right at the finish line with our brand new 4" Mecanum Wheels to be available! With twelve rollers, all supported by high strength ball bearings and steel sheet metal, this wheel is highly optimized for FTC robots. We’ve been working really, really hard on this one, and expect to be able to open them up for sale in the next week.

I’ve had the opportunity to drive several FTC robots with many different wheels in the market, and these are the smoothest-feeling ones I’ve ever played with.

MK ES17-12 12V Batteries


Earlier this summer, we brought back the ability for teams to purchase MK Batteries for their FRC robots through us - based purely on customer requests. We brought them back so that they were more accessible to more customers in the marketplace.

Time-On Meter

This neat little gadget mechanically counts hours when it has power. Typically found on farm equipment for timing maintenance schedules, it can be used on robots to gauge how much time your robot has been powered across it’s entire life. This can be useful for seeing when certain components fail or wear out, or just keeping track for fun. You might be surprised how many hours you spend with your robot!

On my team CyberTooth 3940, we’ve used this exact timer since 2018 to figure out what wears out when, and have used it to develop a preventative maintenance schedule around these findings. You’d be surprised what wears out past 200 hours of awake time on a robot!

Driver Station Heads Up Display 7 in. LCD Monitor

This monitor has been tested and used in FRC Competition. In the words of a mentor, “It’s really perfect as a small and lightweight way to get an additional screen for your FRC Driver Station.” This works perfectly as a heads-up display or a monitor for a camera feed or robot status. The LCD backlighting makes for a highly visible display that isn’t a struggle to see, even without the sun shade.

The display can be powered via standard 12V barrel plug, the same size as the ones on the FRC Radio. A Stick of Churro makes a great stand to elevate it to eye level.

A Couple Gearbox Updates


We made some updates to our long-standing tried and true single reduction gearbox, the CIMple box. New in V2 this gearbox has more user friendly mounting options on a 1 in. pitch for #10 screws on both the mounting flanges and the face of the gearbox. The mounting flanges can be oriented in either direction based on user preference. There are 5 different shaft options to best suit your application. It also uses a “Standard” weight relieved 56T gear and has options for either CIM Style or Falcon 500 inputs out of the box.

We also created a “what’s old is new again!” style gearbox, the Super Sonic Slim. This a line of single-speed gearboxes based on our last generation of weight relieved aluminum shifter plates. This offers a powerful, lightweight solution to create robust drive trains for competition robots. The Super Sonic Slim uses a combination of AndyMark Product lines including the Super Sonic Shifter, EVO, and ToughBox. Weight relieved versions of “Standard” Steel gears are used to make ratio swaps easy and painless as well as maintain compatibility with other gears that teams may already have.

This is the first wave of a bunch of things we have been working on for this season - less than half of the SKUs we plan to have available for this season. Keep an eye out for more product announcements closer to kickoff this coming year for some surprises!

As always, keep an eye on our new products page for many more even new fun things!



It would be excellent if you included a gusset / angle system to attach elevated rails above the wheels for your WCD system. That would allow easy bumper attachment. And really, it’s just a couple pieces to make it happen.


Definitely interested, but we won’t have any idea how many we want until we know what the game is! Timing for this has to be difficult for you guys.


That time on meter got me thinking thoughts…
might redo 1745’s B&D Maintenance Check lists…

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@Nick_Lawrence speaking for all of us in many situations. Timecode


Do you know if there are any plans to increase the offerings at Studica for those of us up in Canada? Would love to see hex bore gears there


My suggestion on colored compliant wheels would be to offer them in white, black, or some shade of gray. Then they go with anything. Failing that, you could offer everything in red and/or blue to go with our bumper colors in half of our matches.