AndyMark Fall Product Launch 2019

AndyMark is proud to announce a few of the many things we’ve been working on for the past year, just in the for both the 2019-2020 FIRST Tech Challenge Season, as well as the pre-season for FIRST Robotics Competition Teams!

Our newest member of our family of Drive Base solutions is the Rover Chassis:

The Rover Chassis is a slight iteration on the chassis used by our 2019 Launch Bot. This “West Coast Drive” style drive platform features two machined 2x1x0.63" tubes that support many different drive configurations. The gearboxes are mounted with a handy 57 Sport Flange Mount, which is available separately for an easy to use robust face-mount solution for the 57 and CIM Sport gearboxes.

For now, we’re offering two flavors - a 6" Mecanum configuration and an 8" Pneumatic configuration. Each configuration has been optimized for speed and power and features AndyMark RedLine Motors and 57 Sport Gearboxes. We’re offering each of these drive configurations both as build-at-home kits, along with a pre-assembled option - just add batteries!

AndyMark is also happy to announce we are carrying a Computerized Battery Analyzer:

This analyzer plugs into your computer with a USB cable and not only tests the total amount of energy stored within a battery (capacity in amp-hours), but also graphically displays and carts the voltage versus time under a constant current load. Graphs may be displayed, saved and printed, and the axis parameters can be changed at any time. Multiple test graphs of the same battery, or multiple batteries, may be compared or overlaid; a very useful feature for teams looking to test capacity and performance of their batteries as they age. It will test virtually any type or size of battery, any chemistry or number of cells, up to 55 volts. We are making this tester available with accessories intended for FIRST legal batteries, although teams may purchase the CBA without accessories and create their own cables for testing other battery types.

FIRST Robotics Competition Team 1640 has a lot of experience with this tester, and has published a great guide to using and making the most of this tester.

Earlier this fall, we also released our S3 Linear Motion Bearing Kit as well as ourS3 Linear Motion Power Kit. Each of these kits combine to create a simple, small and robust lift system that is perfect for FIRST Tech Challenge Teams, just in time for the 2019-2020 season! Based on proven designs from years of competition robotics experience, this system provides smooth and easy to use motion hardware for effective lift systems.

As an aside, the AndyMark Goat is back for a limited time. We still have some left, but once they’re gone, they’re gone.

We’re going to have another product launch closer to December that is primarily focused on new and improved products for FIRST Robotics Competition teams. Stay tuned for more details on that, we have quite a few things in the works that teams have been asking about for some time. In the meantime, keep an eye on the New Products page as we continue to add new solutions for competition robots to it often.



That flange mount gives me such an irrational amount of joy, I may have just uploaded it to Onshape to ensure it’s on file. Though the entire Rover chassis looks great and looks like it will nail its intended application.

Can’t wait to see what other things have been percolating!

(Before someone asks: yes, I did work for AndyMark. No, I didn’t have any knowledge of these releases even while traipsing through their warehouse in July for Fight Night. They’re pretty good at this secrets-when-company-is-visiting thing.)

In addition to the products that Nick lists here, we have plenty more coming down the pipeline for later this Fall and Winter. Stay tuned :kissing_heart:

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