AndyMark Ferrule Connectors for Weidmuller Crimps

My team just purchased the new AndyMark ferrule connectors and crimper to use with out Weidmuller connections but we seem to be having some problems. The issue we’re having is that when we place the ferrule into the Weidmuller connector, the metal part goes in fine but the insulation is hitting the button so we’re unable to get a secure connection. This is shown in the link below.

Looking at CTRE’s product page, they claim to have “genuine Weidmuller ferrule connectors.” I was wondering if anyone could comment if AndyMark’s ferrules are designed to be used with the Weidmuller connectors or if anyone else has had issues with this. If anyone has been able to get the AndyMark ferrules to work with the Weidmuller connectors, we would appreciate some feedback on best practices to avoid the issue we’re having.

I’ve attached a picture showing the issue.

Thank you in advance for any help people can give!

Looking at the picture you posted, the yellow insulator is depressing the release tab on the Weidmuller connector. Did you trim any of the crimp barrel off? If so, leave it as long as you can.

AndyMark doesn’t indicate the barrel length on their ferrules. Neither does CTR.

I’ve been purchasing ferrules through ferrulesdirect, but there are a lot of sources out there. Try to find ferrules with a long barrel, and see if those work better for you.

Sorry, can’t help more. Good luck.

Specifically, you want the .39 pin length.

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Thank you for the replies. We did not trim any of the crimp barrel off so I will check when I get back in our shop on Monday for the length of the crimp.