AndyMark field items (hinge) out of stock

I did not check AndyMark until about 4pm on Kick-Off day 1/7/23 and it shows that several items are stating “This product is currently unavailable for purchase”. Was anyone able to get the Charge Station Hinge, and the April Tags (which NOW show available but at 4pm said “Out of Stock”) which I could only order at 4pm the blue tags, the red and full kits were “Out of Stock”.

We saw the same thing a couple hours earlier. When we put an order in for some field elements we left a note saying “We’re interested, let us know when they’re back if they come back please”.

I also put a request in for notice when items came back in stock. Just emailed AndyMark and asked them to delete our blue sets of April Tags for $105 that I could order at 4pm and asked them to order the full set for $199 and not add any additional shipping charges. Let you know what they say on Monday.

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I have a question about the April tags. We (the NE Minnesota practice field) didn’t order a set because it seemed an absurd price for some printed vinyl. Do you think having the “right” tag set will be that important?


Print some out, put them in a matte sheath. Or laminate and spray them with a matte spray. $200 is wild.


The hinges were available, but sold much faster than expected. They are made locally and we expect to be able to restock soon. More details on Monday or Tuesday when we are back in the office, but be sure to put your email in.


Is the AprilTag vinyl specified anywhere so those of us with vinyl cutters can just make our own?


Having the actual hinges is a huge advantage. We tried to get them but sold out. IMO if
First is going to allow them to be the sole supplier of an important field element then they need to make sure they can supply them.


Tbh I think for practice purposes laser printed tags are just fine. Lighting conditions probably make more of a difference than the substrate.

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Our vendors have confirmed that they can get us more within 2 weeks, so we have opened up ordering for additional quantities of most FRC field elements with a note that parts “Usually Ship in 1 to 2 Weeks”


did you guys buy all the bronze bearings? MCM is out of stock :slight_smile:


We ordered a set of hinges right after they went up on kickoff and were still in stock, but this morning I received the packing update and it stated the hinges and cable protector are both backordered.

If we ordered hinges while in stock on kickoff, is there any indication of whether this is part of the original batch or if this will be in the restock coming in 2 weeks?

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I looked into your order, it was in the original batch, but unfortunately our count of bushings on hand was slightly off and we ran out right before we got to yours. McMaster is OOS but we do have more that should be arriving any day now, and we now also have more blocks, so as soon as we get bushings we will be able to ship yours and start getting into the ones that said “Ships in 1-2 weeks”.
I apologize for the delay.

Sounds good, thanks for checking on our order and for the confirmation. As for the cable protector, I’m guessing the same thing applies since the website says ships in 1-2 weeks for those as well?