AndyMark Fight Night 2019

We are proud to announce that AndyMark Fight Night is returning for it’s fourth consecutive year! This year we have pulled new levers in the Rulebook, and expect an exciting tournament.

Here is a link to the Rulebook.

A ROBOT is considered registered once the team sends an email to with the following information:

  • Team Name
  • Robot Name
  • Robot Technical Description
  • Team Roster
  • Primary contact email

The deadline to sign up and complete registration is July 12, 2019. Registration spots are given on a first come, first served basis.

We’re excited to continue this summer tradition of fun and robot destruction. Please direct ALL questions and registrations to


The AndyMark Fight Night Committee


What’s the date/time/location of the 2019 Fight Night?

If only I lived closer.


I had a chance to go last year, it is a great time and if you have a chance you should definitely check it out!

I’m in (pending it’s not August 10th).

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Out of curiosity, has the idea of having AndyMark Fight Night as the IRI Friday night entertainment ever been discussed?

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Yes, but the desired length of the tournament would exceed the time available at IRI.

Also lots of the competitors are busy helping their teams or volunteering at IRI, usually.


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Very interested.

How many slots are available to teams?



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I didn’t see mention of a registration fee. Is there one?

Also, what is expected for “Robot Technical Description” when submitting registration.

Anyone know what the story behind “Blade Roller from Season 2” is from rule G01?

We’re looking for a brief description of the robot archetype you’re building. The more detail the better.

There is no registration fee this year.


There was a loophole that allowed you to build a robot with zero cardboard (balsa wood too, back then) that was exploited.


I found a simplified rule set for you (content warning, some mildly adult language and references)


Didn’t stop me from stuffing Pun-Slinger III into my checked suitcase and flying to Indiana to finish the overwhelming majority of it and fight.

The official name of last year’s entry was Pun-Slinger III: Billfred’s Last Stand. But even after a grisly fight against SpinCycle last year, all those motors and gearboxes and Talon SRs work perfectly. So maybe

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2.6313083693e+35 thats a ton of slots!


If you’re going to go there… why round? :smiley:

263,130,836,933,693,530,167,218,012,160,000,000 slots

(But it’s a lot more than 1 ton. Presuming that number is in lbs, then it’s more like 131,565,418,466,846,765,083,609,006,080,000 tons!)


The Nature Bot will return: