AndyMark Hall Effect Sensor - Mounting?

Using the AndyMark Hall Effect Sensor AM-3313. The datasheet on AM is a dead end. Are there mounting instructions for the part - can it be directly mounted or is it advised to make a light bracket/shield for it?
Also need to know if there is advice for what strength of magnetic pickup to use and how close it needs to be mounted. We are trying to set this manually, but noticing some variability.

He had success with 3D printed brackets and zip ties to mount this board. We’ve mounted the board directly to polycarbonate before and been fine as well. We used WCP-0030 magnets from West Coast Products since we had them and they are easy to mount. They give a consistent result up to .5-.75 inches away from the board.

Thanks, Peyton_Yeung. We’re in the process of 3D printing a bracket as well. Hoping that works for us.

We are trying to add this sensor to our bot last minute on stop build day any chance either of you have a Step file of this mount that we could use to print our own. Not much time left to prototype. Thanks

@klhutchi This is the bracket we are using this year.

Magnetic Switch Bracket.stl (25.7 KB)
Magnetic Switch Bracket.stp (33.5 KB)

Thanks that’s a time saver =)

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