AndyMark Linear Servo with longer stroke?

Hi! We are a rookie team. We are not using pneumatics, but would like to create some linear motion. We’ve seen servos on AndyMark as follows

Are these legal? They are under the price restriction, but the stroke is larger than 1" (which seems to be the limit for a linear actuator). It will be a critical mechanism, so we need to know if we can use it or go with our current configuration (not using servos).


They are FRC legal. A good rule of thumb is every thing on Andymark is FRC with the exception of some of the alternate control systems.

The 1" limit is for mechanical solenoids [electrical solenoid actuators]; servos are a different thing. The limiting factor on servos is the price (< $75). See the next-to-last row of the table in R34. (You were probably looking three rows up.)

IIRC, that’s the limit on electrical solenoids, which are a type of linear actuator, but have a specific means of actuation (induction coil magnet)

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If you’re still designing and don’t have the parts ordered/selected yet, you may also want to look at these linear servos:
Note that only the first four listed are legal; the others are priced well over $75.

– and be sure to consider the speed when designing as well as force and stroke!

Thanks! I appreciate such a quick response.