AndyMark - Marketing and Sales Specialist


We have an opening for a new marketing and sales specialist.

The job posting is linked here, and details are listed below. Apply for this position by sending us your resume and cover letter to You can also PM me for more details.

AndyMark’s job openings are posted here.

Andy B.

Position: Marketing and Sales Specialist

Reports to: Director of Customer Service

Job Summary and Key Objectives:
Responsible for creating, publishing and maintaining company electronic newsletters. Is the point person for actively representing the company on all social media outlets. Manages and executes the company’s content marketing plan and sales strategy. Works closely with the website team to update content, add pages, and provide customers an efficient, enjoyable and productive e-commerce experience. Assists business and sales office staff to support customers’ application specific tasks.

Key Responsibilities and Tasks:

  • Define and develop company’s content marketing plan
  • Plan and design email marketing campaign
  • Creates and manages all company electronic newsletters
  • Optimize and improve website SEO, customer behavior, and web statistics
  • Manages and assists in the population of content pertinent blogs from company staff
  • Drive and apply social media strategy and company representation
  • Enhance company website with creative content and technical information
  • Develops marketing and promotional materials to promote AndyMark products
  • Prepares staff and supplies for marketing events and projects

Preferred Qualifications and Education:

  • Bachelor’s degree in a related field or five years of experience in marketing
  • Experienced in social media navigation, with a current strong online presence
  • Well experienced with the FIRST community and culture
  • Social media marketing experience for a business or organization
  • Excellent customer relation skills
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Experience with e-commerce sales
  • Provides a good image, representing the company professionally

NOTE: The responsibilities and tasks outlined in this document are not exhaustive and may change as determined by the needs of the company.