AndyMark Nano Tubes

Hi everyone. We’ve run into a bit of trouble while designing a custom version of AndyMark’s nano tube gearboxes. The intermediate shaft has a bearing that I’ve never seen before. The flanged one that is very skinny. Does anyone have any idea what the exact bearing is or where to buy it. It’s not listed on the AndyMark page.

Is it this? If not, give Andymark a call. The are very helpful.

I believe FrankJ is correct. CAD states it is an FR6 bearing. 0.375" ID 0.875" OD and .218" thick. Included is a picture of one I installed backwards.

Thank you I found the parts I need.

On a side note, has any one else noticed that all the CAD files seem to have disappeared from the downloads tab at Andymark.

Are there particular files that seem to be missing or a particular webpage? I’d be happy to double check pages and add CAD files!