Andymark NEO’s email/sold out

Signed up for stock email notifications regarding NEO’s to get some for the year. Received an email last night they were back in stock, but only saw it today. Did they really sell out in less than 24 hours???


Yes, this batch did sell out that quickly.


Its occasionally advantageous to get up at very early hours…


What was that old saying about early birds and worms?


Especially when you tell a student sure I can pick you up and take you to work, then oh you have to be there at 6am :upside_down_face:

Does anyone at AM (@Andy_Baker) know about how many waves of neos (or falcons) they’ll have (or think they’ll have) and about how often they think those waves will come?

To put into perspective, I got the in stock NEO notification at 3:23am EST on Nov. 4th. And by the time I saw the email and checked their website at 8am (4.5 hours later), this was thier remaining stock:


I am assuming there had to be some bots employed for people to purchase the majority of the stock that fast… wonder if andymark and other suppliers are aware or are looking into this.

That, or there was a surprisingly small restock, with hopefully more in the future.

Something that only AndyMark or REV can likely comment on. I’m just praying this isn’t telling as to how the overall NEO inventory is looking for this upcoming season (REV has implied there should be a healthy supply of NEO’s from what I recall)

REV may not have counted on surplus demand from the current PR disaster happening at their primary competitor, though.


What PR disaster are you referring to? I haven’t seen anything. Then again I’m probably out of the loop.


You are probably overestimating the change in demand that is directly linked to a chief Delphi post. Once you look at the percent of teams on chief, then take the percent of teams this conversation will readily influence, I imagine the number is actually quite small.


What percentage of teams with the money to buy a large fraction of the Vex/REV stock are unaware of Chief Delphi?

Also: part of the PR flareup is because the Falcon is a poor product prone to numerous failures, which people are going to notice whether or not Chief Delphi tells them about it.


I suspect most of the large teams are also already heavily invested in to an ecosystem and aren’t much interested in changing it.

They may let it push them forward on a change they’ve been considering (like versa planetary to revs max product due to torque limits) but very few will make this a primary decision maker for them at this point.

Very few teams could budget a wholesale change of motors and motor controllers. Many teams reuse All their motors each year to keep their budget in check. We’re one of them.

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@Tom_Line you have nailed it. We have a few more falcons than it takes to run a full competition bot with swerve, and not enough for two. It is unlikely, especially with current shortages, that we would buy a whole new set of motors. Also we recently gave almost all (if not all) of our Neos to 8825 because they didn’t have many motors at all as a 2022 rookie team. If anything would move us it would be slowly and it would be falcon failures and new Rev products with the convenient mounting of a falcon.

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Wow, well I guess if you don’t already have brushless motors stockpiled you might need to go back to the dark ages of brushed motors this season… Might need some help from these folks who have experience getting by with inferior parts. I’m sure that thing would’ve passed the wind tunnel test, eh?

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We have plenty of NEOs in route to us right now and expect to be back in stock this month. Thanks for your patience as we continue to get things back into stock for the season.


Thank you for the transparency!


ONLY because I know Andymark and Rev will come through shortly am I willing to confess that I just saw our box of Neos from AM on the front porch just now, grabbed it and muttered “My Precioussssss” a couple of times!