Andymark parts club? Ideas?

Alright so andymark released a couple of things this week. Im excited for the hex spacer kit
so we no longer have to purchase them separately.

Im also interested in the new andymark parts club.
What do you think we’ll get?
Is it just a way to get rid of overstocked unpopular parts?
Are you planning on getting one? or two? or three?

Grumbles in Canadian


I’m gunna say that’s a no for us.

  1. There is no detail in what kind of “parts” we’re getting
  2. Don’t feel like paying more money to receive an unknown coupon
  3. Don’t need to pay for “robot design tips”
  4. Let’s say we’re just paying for the 3 boxes. At a value $55 a piece before taking value out for profit and shipping, how likely will it be to get that one random item you never knew you needed?

Am I being too cynical here? Please tell me I’m missing something.


I’m pretty sure that’s a blessing to us not a curse \

$60 for a box of fuel? Sign me up!


Sounds like the ‘lootbox’ business model. Hopefully they’re pulling from a much more useful set of junk, but I think it’s just a clever way of clearing out old merchandise.

As for the hex spacer kit, looks like a good assortment to make ourselves and get some new hands on the lathe.


Well if their packing peanuts give any indication…


I know :frowning: but because my team is so close to the border we use a Detroit PO Box called Detroit mailbox which also saves us a ton on shipping fees. Check them out.

Our team does something similar. I was speaking on behalf of the Canadian teams who don’t have that luxury.

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I trust AndyMark to not make a lootcrate-tier ripoff of a subscription box, but I think we’ll stick to buying what we need when we need it.

I agree 100%. Our shop is already full of random junk that “might be useful someday.” We don’t need a subscription service for more.

Edit: hex spacer kit is amazing though. Definitely, definitely getting that one. It even has 3/16 and 3/8 spacers! No more 1/8 + 1/16 nonsense!


I wouldn’t put it past them, because Andymark has 73289 Fuel balls in stock


Approximately 70735 now.

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At $0.50/fuel, that’s 21 boxes sold. That’s a pretty solid first day.

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As @Ginger_Power noted, they’re using fuel as packing material now. Today I received a cheap and dirty control system in an 11"x11" box containing (bottom to top) :one sheet of lightly wadded brown paper, the invoice, the C&D in its box, and four fuel.

Back to OP, I haven’t decided if I will try it, but if so, it will just be one “crate” at a time to start.

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Crying in Ottawa

From the parts club page:

This month’s theme is “Wheels and Tread”

My package shipped yesterday, due tomorrow. It’s 10" x 9" x 4" and weighs 0.1 lb. A recent shipment of 6 each 6" smoothgrip wheels and a tube of the scotch labeling tape weighed 4.9 lb, so I’m guessing that it’s mostly gift certificates. Also, it’s too flat for fuel (at least whole and undamaged fuel).

The in-house Fight Night teams had to practice on something

Lol? Are they just shipping you an empty box?

Infact, I would think that size of empty box probably weighs more than 0.1lbs.

Someone’s got their numbers mixed up somewhere. Is it me?


Agreed. I recently had an 8.5"x11" padded envelope shipped to me with just a couple of pieces of paper, and FedEx said it was 1.0 lbs.

Perhaps Andy included some helium balloons in the box?

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