Andymark Planetary Transmission...

Is anyone else using the Andymark Planetary Transmissions for drive or anything? Does anyone have any comments or thoughts from experience with them?

Sorry, we’re using Banebots. We looked at using AM Planetaries but decided Banebots were the way to go. I currently don’t know the technical reasons why.

We are using Both of Andy’s Planets.

We are using a CIM with his GEM Planet and we love it. Very sturdy construction and more reliable in my opinion than banebots IMO. Our last few tries have been horrible, but I do like the promise of the p60’s

We are also using his Planet for the FP in our drivetrain.

Team 1323 is very happy with AM’s products.


The banebots transmissions we’ve used have been junk. I don’t know about the P60, which is supposed to be better, but I would never choose a banebots planetary over an AM Planetary.

AM Planetary is a really useful gearbox for the drivetrain or any kid of FP/CIM ganging. I haven’t heard of one failing, nor has 1714 / 2791 ever had any problems with them.

In general, if it’s an AM product, it’s reliable.

Yea I agree with the rest of the comments, the AM planetary is a great transmission especially for the FP. Although we did have a bit of trouble putting on the pinion gear.

Banebots have gone a long way to improving their planetary transmission (P80) in terms of durability and design since their initial introduction introduction in the KOP several years ago. They responded with changing the design based on team feedback, adding a thicker and hardened steel output plate, tie rods to hold the end plates tight and square, centering bosses on the end plates for the ring gear, and steel internal gears. We have used them consistently with no failures, and will continue this season as well. That coupled with their lower cost, and if utilized within their design limits, they will do a good job. :slight_smile:

We’re using an A-M GEM500 planetary with a CIM for the first time this season - we expect good results. Per Andy-Mark, the GEM’s will be back in stock tomorrow. If you are only asking about the “A-M Planetary” (a separate product from the GEM) because the GEM planetary is not in stock, just wait until tomorrow and check their site.

The Banebots P60’s are very reliable. Lightweight. Compact. We used 3 of them on last year’s robot with zero failures of any kind. We’ll be using two more again this year.

We’ve actually never had any major problems with Banebots since we started using them in 2006. The P60’s are definitely a big step up from the previous designs. The only caveat is some pretty significant lead time in getting them built and delivered. I suspect increased demand due to less motor diversity in the kit.

Banebots planetary is definetly super reliable. my team has reused the same 4 gearboxes for drivetrain on our robot for 3 years running. not once have we experienced any problem. People just have a bias against banebots because of a bad gearbox along time ago(maybe not that long). But people who think banebots have zero quality really are just close minded to the new gearboxes that they have made.

We had some Banebots planetary transmissions to drive our robot in the 2007 season, but then they failed in the elimination rounds at the Wisconsin Regional. We mounted some Fischer Price motors into the P60’s last year and didn’t have any problems with them. From what I’ve heard and read, Banebots has done a good job of improving their transmissions and listening to feedback. We are using one Banebots P60 gearbox on this year’s robot, one AndyMark Double Doozy, two toughboxes, and one nano toughbox as of right now.

we’re using what I assume are the andymark planetarys (the '07 KOP ones)

The 2007 KOP gearbox was a Banebots 56mm gearbox (since discontinued and replaced by the P80)

Could anyone tell me how to mount a FP motor to the this kind of gearbox? I’m not sure if we’re allowed to yank the gear off, and if so, how?

Personally I’d buy the Planet with the motor already attached:

Then I’d buy this to make swaps easier:


Which gearbox are you refereing to? If you are talking about the AM Planetary Gearbox (,then yes you have to remove the existing gear and press the new gear that comes with the planetary on to the shaft of the motor. Unless you buy the ones that are pretty much ready to go like RC pointed out.

We always use an Arbor Press to do this, but you must be very careful no to bend the shaft of the motor. For more info try these threads:

Which gearbox are you refereing to? If you are talking about the AM Planetary Gearbox (,then yes you have to remove the existing gear and press the new gear that comes with the planetary on to the shaft of the motor.

Yeah, that’s the one, but to my knowledge it did not come with a new gear.
:S As we are a rookie team we weren’t aware of this.
I do not believe our school has an arbor press either.

Is it a viable option to drill out the mounting pate to a diameter that would accept the gear?

Getting the pinion off a FP is actually pretty simple if you’re willing to stoop to the level of pure brute force.

The trick is that the pinion material is actually relatively soft and deformable. So what you want to do is squish the pinion by grabbing it in a vise, arbor press, etc. You just squish the pinion from one direction, then turn it 90 degrees and squish it from the other. This deforms the hole in the pinion enough to make it MUCH easier to remove. You can tell if you’re doing it right by looking at the shaft-pinion interface. If you’re deforming the pinion, you’ll see a small gap develop there.

Note, you must be extremely careful that you’re only crushing the pinion and not some part of your motor’s frame. Also, this isn’t the nicest way in the world to use a vise, so try to pick one that you don’t care as much about. Finally, this technique works much better with the 15-tooth pinion than the 19-tooth.

The problem is not to make the gear fit through the hole, the planetary is designed to work with the 15 tooth 32 pitch pinion and it will not work with anything else (others would not mesh properly with the planet gears).It should have come with the Planetaries, if it didn’t I would try to contact AndyMark and ask them about it. The website lists it as part of the hardware.


Two 8mm id ball bearings, (19mm od, 22mm od) supporting output shaft

steel planet and sun gears, 32 dp, 20 degree p.a.

Five planet gears (12 tooth)

# 15 tooth sun gear, with 0.125 inch bore

40 tooth ring gear

Two #10-32 mounting holes, on a 1 inch radius from center

If you do not have an Arbor Press, your best bet is to order the mounting plates w/ motor that are ready to be installed. Our team has gotten away with using a vice to press the gear onto the shaft at the events but I do not recommend it.

Would it be in any way acceptable to bore the planetary mounting cap larger?
We believe this would be the easiest way as it would allow for easy motor replacement in the event of failure, and would be the most economical.

bane bots trans. have cost us too many matches for me to EVER trust them again…

ANDY MARK is the way to go…

AM parts are all high quality, easy to use, and the stand behind their product 100%

wish I could say that about bane bots… I cant…