ANDYMARK, Please help us!

I am sure my team is not the only one in this situation. We have designed our bot around certain hardware, and that hardware is not available, and we don’t know when it will be. The biggest concern we have at the moment is the Andymark super shifter. It is out of stock, and we don’t know whether to wait for it, or go with plan B. Since Andymark is heavily involved with FIRST, they surely know the problems facing such teams. How hard would it be for them to put a date on the website as to when they will be in stock? Please, at least put a note on the website that gives an idea whether to wait for the super shifter or change gears<pun> right now.

We ran into a similar problem last week ordering of a set of wheels. When I went to order they were out of stock. A very quick email to there sales dept. and I had a reply within a few hours of an ETA on when they would be back in stock and be shipping out again. I don’t know if you have tried going down this route or not but it worked for us. And actually the items came in sooner than the ETA.

Call or send send an email to [email protected]

Everyone there understands the time crunch you are under and they will be responsive to your concerns.

Had a similar issue with parts from AndyMark. Called and they were very heplful. The parts were back in stock and shipped when they said when they would be. I suggest you contact them they understand and I would bet they will be helpful.

I have 2 that we are not using. We are having funding issues and could sell them to you, they are assembled with motors and servos for shifting and were never used

[email protected]

We are working hard to get Super Shifters back in stock by Friday of this week. (Feb. 4th)


Thanks Andy! That is great news.

I strongly suspect that THAT ^^^ is an understatement.

It’s like santa’s workshop this time of year. Everyone should take the time to visit if you can. But be careful, they will put you to work.

shucks :frowning: i thought they were coming in on tuesday :frowning: guess we gotta wait…