AndyMark PowerPole Kits?

So I’m working on pulling together my recommendations for the team this year for how we should utilize our $450 AM voucher. My thoughts at the moment are to use a good chunk of it for the consumables we are going to need, one of the big ones being needing new/more PowerPole connectors.

Looking on the AM website, I’m a little stumped on why it is I would buy this kit ($216), over buying these two separate kits ($214 combined). Can anyone notice a glaring difference between the two? From my perspective, I’m paying more for the all in one kit (albeit, not much more) than I am if I just buy the two separate kits… Am I going crazy or do y’all see this too?


Well, er, because this is a mistake from the person who sets the AndyMark prices (me!).

I’ll work on this and provide an update here.

Andy B.


It’s been a while since these prices were evaluated.


  1. Individual products (housings, contacts) prices lowered by $0.05 each when purchased individually. They’re still priced high to incentivize customers to buy the bags of 8, 50, 100 or kits.

  2. am-2912 - Powerpole Kit 100 Red and Black Housings 200 Contacts - price lowered by $1

  3. am-4381 - Powerpole Kit 100 Red Black and White Housings 300 Contacts - price lowered by $4

Thanks for pointing this out!

Andy B.


Can I buy the contacts separately? We have enough housings in stock since they can be reused, but we do not have enough contacts. It will be great if we can buy 45A contacts, without having to pay for the housings.

Yep, we do sell these individually as am-2157, and have quantity discounts.

Andy B.


Great! Thank you!

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