Andymark prewired powerpole am-2905

We pick some of these up but one of our team members worries since it not labled 12ga that inspectors will not pass it. Has anyone had experience with this?

It looks like you have the wrong part number, this one brings up the REV, 1" Dual Bearing Plate. I’m guessing you meant am-2590 which has 12 gauge wire. Are you saying you’re worried because it doesn’t say 12 AWG on the wire?

Section 8.7 Power Distribution (R37-R60) is the section of the manual that deal with wires and such. R59 dictates that wires for different applications need to be within a certain size range. It does not say that the wires need to be labeled with that gauge number. However, during inspection your wires might be scrutinized. In this case, the Inspector would probably assume that it was legal based on outside diameter but a particularly scrutinizing Inspector might not go for it. But I’d say that it would be fine to use.

Simply bring a copy of the webpage to show your inspector if you are worried.

Yes dyslexia kicked full time. Ill bring these rule points to the group.

Inspectors should NOT be judging wire based on the outside diameter. Insulation thickness is not standard based on wire gauge - depending on the type of insulation used, it may be thicker or thinner, leading to significantly different appearances in the wires.

It’s easiest for inspectors if the gauge is printed right on the wire. But failing that, we can definitely look for that information elsewhere. Bring the spool of wire with you and let us look at the markings on the spool. Bring the datasheet from AndyMark for these connectors and we can look at that. But we do need to see some proof that it’s actually the correct gauge.

That’s a risky assumption for an inspector to make. Having been an inspector and having witnessed a few robot fires, I pay particular attention to wire gauge and extra particular attention to motor wires. If I’m not confident that the wire meets the spec, I’ll at least pull it out to look at it or if that isn’t practical, I’ll ask the team for a sample. When in doubt, having a sample that indicates the AWG on the insulation is a good way to settle an inspector’s question.

To the OP, while the bonded wire zip cord to APP connector is pretty common, don’t be surprised if your inspector does give it scrutiny. If you can sacrifice some of the wire off of one of the connectors your purchase, hang onto it to show the inspector at your events.

And as I was writing this, Stratis beat me to the point about assumptions.

For those just lurking I would like to make the distinction that the rules do not provide a range for wire size. The rule provides a minimum size spec based on the protection rating of the breaker feeding that branch circuit.
A good inspector does not make assumptions. Small wire size can result in fire. And before you ask, yes I have seen fire on robots. Some spectacular and some simply smoke and flash. I can guarantee you want neither occurring on your robot and I definitely do not want to see fire except when marshmallows are involved.