AndyMark Prototype Contest: $200 prize!

If you missed last night’s Lunch with Andy episode, here’s the deal:

Email your team’s best or favorite 15-second-or-less prototype video to contest (at) andymark (dot) com by Noon ET on Monday, January 21. We’ll pick our favorite of the bunch, and the winning team gets a $200 gift card to AndyMark!

What’s the catch?
Teams with AndyMark employees as mentors aren’t eligible to win. No late entries. We might share honorable mentions on social media, the winning will definitely be shared on social media, and pretty much everyone here will see them. Basically, there is no catch - just show us what you’ve got.


Does the video have to be from this season?

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According to what Andy said in the video it had to pertain to this year’s game. So theoretically I guess you could have an old prototype but probably not as good as one from this year


Yes, it does have to be from this season. You could get creative with it though, there are no metrics other than that it’s our favorite!

An update - if you want to enter, but don’t want your video shared if you don’t win, let us know! We respect that a number of teams like to keep their secrets secret for as long as they can.

Just about half an hour left to get your submissions in for the contest!

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YAY! I saw this in time!

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Submissions are now closed! Thank you to everyone who entered, we will announce the winner in tonight’s episode of Lunch With Andy.