Andymark Rhino Track Drive Module Assembly Problems (HELP)

Our team just received our Rhino Track Drive Module and began assembling it using the instructions on Andymark. Has anyone else run into any assembly problems? Here’s a few things that have gone wrong so far with ours:

  1. Step 9
    When attaching the rear pulley, the one that attaches to the 85 tooth belt, I noticed that the washer(am-1393) that is supposed to be put between the Outside Plate and the Pulley Wheel not only had about 1.5 inches of moving room inside the pulley, but it also served no purpose. I decided that the best option for the moment would be to remove the washer all together and continue the assembly.

  2. Step 10
    The same washer problem arose in this step as well. It had the same amount of movement and again served no purpose.

  3. Steps 11-12
    There is no washer on the very front pulley, so I was able to assemble this pulley easily. The problem arose when I looked at step 12, attaching the 3 churros. Not only did I find the churros to be about 1/4 to 1/2 inches too long to assemble correctly, I also found the the front plates were not far enough apart to be later attached to the Main Body of the track. When I disassembled the front pulley axle, and connected the churros, the upper plate was the correct width, but the front pulley had to much wiggle room to be run correctly.

I decided to stop until I could find a solution myself or await a response from a forum member. There were too many unanswered questions for me to continue the assembly without the fear of breaking or harming a vital piece of the module. I suspect that I am somehow missing a crucial part of the pulley assembly, since I am having difficulties with every pulley assembly.
Thank you for taking the time to read my post! Any help and insight would be greatly appreciat

We put it together with no problems. If you need help you are more than welcome to send me a message

Thank you for offering to help! We just had a friend of one of our parents who’s a civil engineer to take a look and he helped us out.

We’ve finished our Rhino Drive and needed to know if anyone has tested them enough to get some hard specs as to tread flex? We’re thinking 1/2 to 3/4". Don’t want them too tight…any help would be appreciated.


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We have tested our Rhino modules with extensive driving over defenses, t-boning, and aggressive ramming similar to what you can see in AndyMark’s own videos.

For us, the track tension spec given in Step 15 on page 4 of the assembly instructions (3/4 inch deflection with 10 kg depressing force) seems about right.

We are working on a more specific tension test, which will hopefully specify a range of appropriate tension. We plan on releasing this by Tuesday or Wednesday of next week (2/16-2/17).

Andy B.

Be sure you check out the pulley failure thread.

My team is having some similar issues with the spacers on steps 11 and 12 What did you do to solve it?