AndyMark Ri3D Sponsorship Application 2019

Hello Ri3D Teams,

AndyMark is excited to continue supporting Ri3D teams, and is offering sponsorship again for the 2019 season.

In order to best serve the community we ask that you provide some information on your organization and your plan for the Ri3D build. We need applications in by noon EST Dec. 17th


AndyMark will provide a $600 donation of components to about 8 selected teams to be used in their Ri3D builds. These parts will be selected from a curated “Ri3D Choice,” to be disclosed upon confirmation of sponsorship.

In return, we ask that AndyMark be clearly identified as a sponsor of your Ri3D team; we will include branding materials/swag with your components. We also ask that a product-focused project debrief be written and submitted to AndyMark by January 19th, in addition to sharing your knowledge with the community during the build window.

Additional questions should be sent to [email protected].

Good luck with your builds! As always, we look forward to seeing what you create!
-The AndyMark Team

Hey Danny, will the Team Indiana Ri3D team still be around in 2019, or is AndyMark cutting down involvement to just sponsoring other Ri3D teams?

Hi Ryan
Team Indiana wont be building a robot this year. The time for our team members became to much.

AndyMark (many but not all of Team Indiana) is excited to continue sponsoring and we have a few ideas to help boost the viability of Ri3D builds.

Good Luck to all this year!

Our team submitted our application this morning. Thanks to AndyMark for sponsoring Robot in 3 Days teams - it’s definitely a big help to receive this kind of support.

Applications are closing soon! You still have a few minutes to get your submission in.

AndyMark is excited to announce the recipients of our Ri3D sponsorship.

Ri3D 1.0 (Florida)
’Snow Problem (University of Minnesota)
Greenhorns (North Dakota State University)
Team Cockamamie (University of South Carolina)
The ZouKeepers (University of Missouri)
FIRST Capital Ri3D (MAR)
CLUTCH (Virginia)
Big Orange Robotics (University of Tennessee)
FANGV (Grand Valley State, Michigan)

We will work with these teams to get them their choice of our newly launched products.

Any questions can be directed to [email protected]

Good Luck to all and have a happy build season!

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