AndyMark RI3D Sponsorship Application - 2022

RI3D teams,

AndyMark is excited to continue supporting Ri3D (Robot in 3 Days) teams, and is offering sponsorship opportunity again for the 2022 season. In order to best serve the FRC community, we are asking for this application to be completed.

AndyMark will provide a $500 donation of components to approximately 5 selected teams to be used in their Ri3D builds. These parts will be selected from a curated “Ri3D Choice” to be disclosed upon confirmation of sponsorship.

Applications are now being accepted through 11/30. The selected teams will be notified on 12/6. Additional questions can be sent to

Andy Baker
AndyMark, Inc.


Just wanted to note here that the AndyMark Ri3D sponsorship was invaluable for the two years we did FIRST Capital Ri3D. Looking forward to seeing what the selected teams produce this year!


Just a reminder here, applications are due 11/30.

Andy B.

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Did you publish a list of RI3D teams that AndyMark supported? I have seen a couple teams post on CD but it would be good to know who (and their site / information) to look out for!

There was something on their social accounts: