AndyMark Sales Day 9/28 for FIRST in Texas Hurricane Harvey Fund

We at AndyMark want to make an effort to support the [i]FIRST teams in the Houston and surrounding areas who were impacted by Hurricane Harvey.

FIRST in Texas is doing a great thing by raising money for FIRST teams in this area, with the aim at supporting and sustaining these teams.

We want to help!

During the day of Thursday, September 28th, AndyMark will donate 30% of that day’s revenues to FIRST in Texas for Hurricane Harvey relief. This means that if you want to buy some AndyMark parts and also help your friend in Texas, place an order on that day.

I propose a goal of $100k in sales so that FIRST in Texas receives $30k.

Also, if you just want to go support FIRST in Texas Hurricane Harvey fund, go to this website.

Andy Baker

Don’t know if we will be buying anything on the 28th, so Robokong donated to FIRST in TX.

Thanks for doing this Andy and AndyMark, your support for FIRST teams has always been awesome

Thanks for doing this Andy!

Bumping this thread because today is the day! The warehouse staff has done their calisthenics, the tape guns have been told to behave themselves, and we’ve got all the $3 HiGrip Wheels you could possibly need. :slight_smile:

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