AndyMark Selling Production CONTROL PANEL and Stickers

Hi Field Building Crews,

I was asked to post in this category about these new AndyMark products.

We are now selling the official CONTROL PANEL stickers (TOP and BOTTOM) as well as a competition spec polycarbonate CONTROL PANEL to mount to the lazy susan from the KOP or FIRST Choice.

We are collecting orders for these now until around the end of next week, and should ship them out late January / early February.

Please ask any questions you may have about them here.


Thanks for doing this! We definitely bought a sticker in our last order.

Do you have plans to sell more field elements? We would routinely pay $3-5000 a year for field spec stuff. Interested in stuff like a field spec Generator Switch this year but won’t have the throughput to manufacture until much later in the season.


Why are this products so overpriced?
67$ for a two part sticker?!?
Almost 200$ for two poly-carbonate plates and a few screws and standoffs?!

Overpriced items like these field goals create a divide between teams that have loads of money to throw on field each year and teams who don’t even have enough money to build a minimum field

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I would assume AndyMark has done their diligence is making these products are cost effective for teams. Remember that these are low volume and high risk for them to take on as well.
When in doubt, this is simply a nice product offering they are giving teams the ability to buy, but not nessisary to play the game or be competitive.


If you bought the controll panel for the polycarbonate alone it would be about the same price based on this pricing. We get it in bulk so it’s a bit cheaper for us so we can pass the savings on to you. We also worked with the sticker vendor to get his price down to be more affordable. These are some of our lowest margin items.


The sticker sold directly from FIRST’s manufacturer to an individual team was quoted at $75. AM’s ability to buy in volume is likely saving teams money.


How much do you think you could make two 32" polycarbonate discs for? I know McMaster is high but the material alone is $187.

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McMaster is great, but also one of the most expensive places to buy material. Their value add is that they carry a large inventory and do same day shipping. Anyway a quick mental calculation what the material costs us… We come out ahead on material cost, but by the time we factored the labor to cut all the spacers, pick up the poly and take it our laser cutter (who would donate the machine time), the AndyMark price is not bad. (We are buying them from AM). I it is also in our interest the AM makes a profit so that he is around next year. :slight_smile: My 2 cents.


Im really not sure about US prices for poly-carbonate plates as Im from Israel but for a 1x1 meter with 5mm thickness it probably costs around 200 NIS here so around 50$. So getting 2 plates for 100$ or even less because of buying in bulk is very reasonable.
Again, im not from the US so im not sure how much will it cost there, just estimating
Of course there are some manufacturing costs for AndyMark and they should make some profit on a product they manufacture and distribute.

OK the sticker prices are a complete rip off. There is no reason it should cost more than 25$ each.
Teams that want to calibrate their color sensors to the same plate that will be in the field but dont have 140$ to spend on stickers are in a disadvantage compared to other teams that do have this kind of money

This is going a bit off topic but First is all about inspiring students to learn STEM fields. By putting a money barrier between students and the ability to participate fairly in FRC competition and learn about engineering and STEM you lose a lot of potential students who can learn a lot from this program. Just imagine how many more schools and students will join the First community and FRC if it would cost half as much as it costs now.

Well the vendor says it costs three times that so I don’t know what to tell you. I’m sure you can get a quote from somewhere that will sell you a $25 version, but likely with an MOQ that is far beyond reasonable for a single team. I think the majority of teams would rather pay just a little more for the field spec version.

I do strongly agree with you that the cost barrier for entry in FRC is too high. FiM is an incredible example of what happens when barrier to enter gets lower.


I think FIRST should have put at least a single sticker in the KoP so the MOQ (Minimum order quantity, right?) isnt a problem in this case.
For the same reason that making a vision system isnt possible without a Power Cell, making a vision system for the color wheel without a color wheel isnt possible. I will send an email to FIRST about this after this season is over (As there is nothing they can do now about it for this season)

Im sorry, whats “FiM”?

This discussion has gone off topic, lets resume to talking about AndyMark selling Control Panel Stickers and the unassembled kit for the Control Panel. The price barrier is another topic for another thread

They did. You received the sample colors on the correct material from this supplier. Thus you have the full capability to make your sensor work correctly. This is simply an added bonus because people were requesting, and AndyMark came to help with the requests.


Whoops, my bad.

Lets resume the topic to AndyMarks field items and if someone has anything more please create a new thread for it

I am thrilled AM is selling these at a reasonable price. Printing giant vinyl stickers isn’t cheap.

I would encourage all teams to also look at reaching out to your local vinyl sign shops and seeing what kind of pricing you can get - you might also pick up a new sponsor in the process.


That’s what social media is for!

Here is a CD discussion for an alternate source for the stickers at $35 for 2. (not clear is they are top and bottom or 2 tops.) Also while the color is the same spec, I don’t know if the the base material is the same and whether or not that makes a difference

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That is an incredible price point, glad there are alternate sources. I’m still happy to pay a little more to get it from the same manufacturer FIRST uses, but happy there is a cheaper option for teams with cost as their highest priority.

Also for those wanting to avoid sticker shock… Shipping is not cheap in either case. I hate to think what it will cost to ship it to Israel.


I see what you did there…

Would love it if they made just the hardware kit for the wheel, so we could make it from our own plexiglass or wood, but the spacers, etc. would be spec. Shipping is a bear on those big pieces and we have lots of plexi! Just an idea.