AndyMark Selling Production CONTROL PANEL and Stickers

You mean sell 14 - Aluminum Standoffs and 28 - Screws?
I think you can get it in your local hardware store / amazon

All of the drawing to build the field are available online here

Not this year. This isn’t something we currently work ahead of time with FIRST on so we evaluate the field on kickoff to see what is within our means to make mostly in house quickly and efficiently. Last year we dipped our toes in with “team version” hatch panels since it was just routed polycarbonate and off the shelf velcro. Same thing with the Control Panel this year, just routed polycarb and off the shelf hardware, plus working with FIRSTs vendor on the real sticker. If it goes well this year we may ask FIRST for more access to be able to have these sorts of things ready and shipping at the same time as game pieces, but that would be up to FIRST. There also may not be anything on next year’s field that we can reasonably make and ship, so no promises.

For everyone:
What sort of budget do you have for “production quality” field elements if you bought them instad of wood?

  • $0-$100
  • $100-500
  • $500-1000
  • $1000-3000
  • $3000-5000
  • $5000+

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Huge thanks for trying to work this out for the future. Not sure how amenable FIRST is to this kind of thing (I know they’ve been putting a lot of measures in place to stop leakers) but it would be INCREDIBLE to preorder a half or quarter field of very close to field spec elements and have that ship around kickoff time. (Or at the very least, preorder half a field’s worth of game pieces to be sent out and shipped on kickoff day :eyes: )

Field elements are one of our biggest bottlenecks every year. For the most part, kids are so excited to work on robot parts too so it’s tough to divert attention to much needed field element building. Obviously you don’t need “field spec” to have a good practice field but for certain elements it helps a lot. I know we’d be willing to kick fundraising into higher gear in the offseason so that burden would be alleviated during build season.

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Yeah, I guess so. Good point. Sometimes things like the standoffs are tough to find locally (exact matches), but we could get them online.

If you open up the field CAD all the hardware has McMaster part numbers for you to order them if you want. Each control panel has $30-$40 (McM pricing) of hardware on it.

I feel like you have bots flagging you at this point

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For what it’s worth, the official truss for the GENERATOR SWITCH would cost a team about 9-10 grand. (I got a quote from Total Structures, the manufacturer of the official truss, at $9,900 shipped to CA (about $8800 before shipping)). Renting the truss is another option - local theater places have quoted me about 5-6 thousand for a 1/27 to 4/14 rental period.
Unfortunately, I think that any field that FIRST makes will be prohibitively expensive for all but the richest teams in FRC, and without releasing the cost (and potentially BOM) several months in advance, FIRST’s contractors wouldn’t have finalized build quantities. However, I would LOVE to see it as an option. I know one of my teams would definitely consider purchasing official trenches, hangers, and/or goals, depending on their prices.