Andymark shipping and service

Am i the only one not satisfied by the service provided by Andymark?


Considering that they do 99% of their annual business in ~3 months, it’s amazing that they don’t mess up more. Their customer service is the best I have ever worked with, and they have not made any mistakes on our orders so far this year. This year they have always shipped within 2 business days of us placing the order. What issues have you been having?

If you have any issues with products from any FIRST supplier, I would encourage you to contact them for support. Posting on forums will not fix anything for you.

The only one?. Probably not, people love to be dissatisfied. But from anecdotal reports, probably well in the minority.

For reference, I placed my 19th order of the season from them late last night. It got packed this morning and will be here Friday, which is exactly what I expected.

It’s hard to be unhappy with customer service when this is their response to a defect in one of their products.

I would echo the other posters in this thread, reach out to them directly if you are having issues.


While people are being snarky to you for asking this question on a public forum, which can be pretty unwelcoming to a first-time-poster…

No, you’re not. Plenty of teams have issues & are unhappy with vendors, all the time - including AM. However, the best advice we can all give you is to contact them directly for issues you’re having with a specific order. While venting is fine, it won’t solve your problems.

As far as shipping goes, your location is listed as Montreal, so I’d bet your orders are getting caught up in customs somewhere along the line - I know CAN teams struggle with that sometimes. Again, contacting them directly might help you shed some light on the issues.

I’ve found all the FIRST vendors we’ve worked with (Not just AM, but VEXpro & RoboPromo, etc) are all insanely receptive and kind to teams having issues, as long as you bring them up in a gracious & professional way.

My teams have placed orders with AndyMark since it was a Yahoo store in 2005 (yeah, way to date myself there eh?), and this year was the first that they’ve botched an order (one of our FIRST Choice items got swapped out for another, lesser item). I emailed them ([email protected]) that afternoon, and the right part was dispatched the next day.

Email them, and you’ll probably be pleasantly surprised. :slight_smile:

I’m sorry, but if you’ve been having problems with Andymark then you should - like others have said - contact them directly. Posting an angry message on a fourm isn’t going to fix the problem at all. There are SO many teams who are ordering from them at the moment. It’s amazing they’re doing this well!

I’ll bite, why are you dissatisfied by them? Or, how specifically do you believe they could improve?

Andymark has been nothing but fantastic to our team. Sure would it be nice for your order to get picked, packed, and shipped the day you order it? Yes it would be nice, but it isn’t realistic, and there is usually a post on their site telling you that it may be two or three days to ship so that comes down to a matter of planning.

I have nothing but good things to say about andymark, and will continue to order from them and recommend them !

I have very satisfied with their service and shipping. everything that we have ordered has been packed within one business day and shipped quickly afterwards. I have worked at internet sales companies and with a small staff and relatively few resources, AndyMark does an admirable job.

I believe you may be one of the few… AM has been very good to us as well… and if they were to make a mistake, i would contact them directly, not on a public forum such as this one…

On the other hand, if you need assistance to translate from french to english, feel free to PM me directly and i will be more than happy to assist you if its a translation issue. I grew up in Quebec city and i am fully bilingual.

I certainly can understand how sometimes issues or problem could arise due to lack of proper vocabulary or terminology between the languages… been there, done that many times…

Bonne chance !!!


What was your issue? Did you contact AM support immediately and wait patiently for a reply?

Since I have started, I have rarely ever had issues with AM’s support or shipping. When there is a mishap, they rectify the issue promptly and without hesitation.

as many of you seems too mis read me my point is not too be making a statement that am mad at AM but just too kinda get a reading of other team experience with them and also as a person who is first posting here am glad that a lot of people are responding also thanks too you sebastien mais ses corecte je suis bilingue mais merci quand meme :wink:

Posting with an angry frownie face gives that impression.


In any case, as was stated, contact them directly for any issues. Same goes for any FRC vendor. Most of them are extremely helpful.

The only bad experience I every had was that they shipped us a toughbox without an intermediary gear, but a soon as we contacted them they sent us a replacement.

I get why people complain about products sometimes. Occasionally a scenario happens where a vendor releases a product, it catches fire during build, and during the honeymoon phase of the product it’s statistically almost inevitable a team will find a way to destroy it in ways ranging from mundane to grandiose and from unique to depressing (please don’t wire SPs/SRXs backwards… please).

However, it’s not like the vendor can easily go into hiding, and they usually never do. Service has been consistently great across AM/VEX/WCP/CTRE/REV. It’s not really a surprise; these operations are run by active mentors. I like to imagine that most of them might be in the business because they want to provide great service to the community and know they can turn their expertise into a profitable venture along the way.

Seriously, at least just email them. Even during build season I can get turnaround on communication within the hour during business hours, and sometimes even outside of them.

Nothing but good experience. I usually place orders by night, and the great majority of them are picked up by fedex the next work day, so I get them two days after that unless there’s bad weather between here and Kokomo.

They must also have a custom box-making machine on site or about 500 different box sizes - I have never experienced another vendor who could pack boxes of random parts so well.

The only problem we’ve had is when AM didn’t ship half of one of our orders last year. The problem was at our end - we didn’t open up the game pieces to find the robot parts packed inside. :o