AndyMark Spring Product Launch 2020


AndyMark has some exciting news to share! We’re proud to announce that we’re now distributing some popular REV Robotics products on our website!

NEO Brushless Motors

am-4258_new am-4259_new

We’re very excited to carry both of these light and powerful BLDC motors for our customers. The NEO Brushless Motor is compatible anywhere you could use a CIM Motor, including our CIM Sport, EVO Shifter, EVO Slim, Toughbox Mini gearboxes, and more. The NEO 550 Brushless Motor is perfect for anywhere a 550 motor would fit, including our wildly popular 57 Sport gearbox. Our staff has loved using these on their teams’ robots for the last couple seasons, and hope you will too!

SPARK Family of Motor Controllers

am-4249_2 am-4260_new am-4261_new

We’re also excited to carry the full line of SPARK motor controllers, the SPARK, SPARK MAX and the SPARK Mini! We’re excited to expand our lineup of motor controller offerings to our customers. Available at affordable price points, we think FIRST Robotics Competition teams, FIRST Tech Challenge Teams, combat robot builders and hobbiests alike will all be excited to see these available for sale on the AndyMark website. We’re also offering the SPARK and SPARK MAX with thoughtfully chosen connectors specific to each controller, so it’s easier to find for you.

All of these new products are in stock and available to ship now!

We’re going to use this thread throughout the summer to announce further new products and product updates that we think you will all love. We’ve already launched a few new products, including some new gearmotors, brackets and gears this spring. Keep checking our New Products page for further updates throughout the summer!

In the coming days, we’re also going to have the first of two important surveys that we’re asking for lots of responses on. This will help us shape our strategies for the upcoming seasons, and we definitely appreciate your feedback once these are made available.



This is the first I’m hearing of the Spark mini. Is it intended/legal/useful in FRC, or is it intended for FTC?
From the electrical specs on the product page, it would seem the latter (15amps is significantly lower than what is used in FRC), I just wanted to confirm.

Intended for FTC. Used to convert servo port for another motor.

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Will Andymark be selling the Neo with the pre-pressed 15/16 tooth pinion gears like they do on the CIM Motor?

May come in handy for teams without access to a press / people who hate dealing with those tiny screws that hold the back motor case on.


Intended for FTC - but is it legal for FRC? I can see applications for a motor that needs less than 15 amps and doesn’t take up a pdp slot?

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I woud have to think It is not FRC Legal. See R29. SparkMini is not a legal motor controller.

“R29. With the exception of servos, fans, or motors integral to sensors of COTS computing devices
permitted in R27, each actuator must be controlled by a power regulating device. The only power
regulating devices for actuators permitted on the ROBOT include:
A. Motor Controllers
i. DMC 60/DMC 60c Motor Controller (P/N: 410-334-1, 410-334-2)
ii. Jaguar Motor Controller (P/N: MDL-BDC, MDL-BDC24, and 217-3367) connected to
PWM only
iii. Nidec Dynamo BLDC Motor with Controller to control integral actuator only (P/N 840205-
000, am-3740)
iv. SD540 Motor Controller (P/N: SD540x1, SD540x2, SD540x4, SD540Bx1, SD540Bx2,
SD540Bx4, SD540C)
v. Spark Motor Controller (P/N: REV-11-1200)
vi. Spark MAX Motor Controller (P/N: REV-11-2158)
vii. Talon FX Motor Controller (P/N: 217-6515, 19-708850, am-6515, am-6515_Short) for
controlling integral Falcon 500 only.
viii. Talon Motor Controller (P/N: CTRE_Talon, CTRE_Talon_SR, and am-2195)
ix. Talon SRX Motor Controller (P/N: 217-8080, am-2854, 14-838288)
x. Venom Motor with Controller (P/N: BDC-10001) for controlling integral motor only
xi. Victor 884 Motor Controller (P/N: VICTOR-884-12/12)
xii. Victor 888 Motor Controller (P/N: 217-2769)
9 ROBOT Construction Rules
83 of 131
FIRST ® Robotics Competition
xiii. Victor SP Motor Controller (P/N: 217-9090, am-2855, 14-868380)
xiv. Victor SPX Motor Controller (P/N: 217-9191, 17-868388, am-3748)
B. Relay Modules
i. Spike H-Bridge Relay (P/N: 217-0220 and SPIKE-RELAY-H)
ii. Automation Direct Relay (P/N: AD-SSR6M12-DC-200D, AD-SSRM6M25-DC-200D, ADSSR6M45-DC-200D)
C. Pneumatics controllers
i. Pneumatics Control Module (P/N: am-2858, 217-4243)”

If the SPARKmini were FRC legal, it would still use a PDP slot. It takes in 12V from the battery of an FTC robot to run the motor.


A little birdy told me that some new parts are being released on 2020-06-05T19:00:00Z!


prays for heavily updated swerve and steer

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Hey folks!

As promised, we have some more new fun things to share!

NEO Brushless Motors with Pre-Pressed Pinions

am-4258_15T_2 am-4259_16T

You asked, we delivered! These mighty motors are now available with pinions pre-installed! Just as we have previously done with the CIM Motors, RedLine motors and BaneBots 550 motors, we’re offering versions of both the NEO and NEO 550 motors that come with pinions pre-installed that are compatible with EVO gearboxes, Sport gearboxes and more.

Sabertooth Dual 60A Speed Controller


For the past few years, we’ve been utilizing this mighty dual-channel speed controller in several non-FIRST robot platforms to great success. We’re now making it available to folks looking for a higher demand, capable brushed speed controller.

Disclaimer: As of the 2020 FIRST Robotics Competition Rulebook, and the time of this post, this product is not legal for use in the FIRST Robotics Competition

Tabletop Shield


This tabletop guard is intended to help separate people who would like to talk face to face and maintained safety. This guard is a great safety tool for school cafeterias, manufacturing break rooms, food courts, restaurants, and any sort of community gathering area with tables and chairs. This works well on six-foot and eight-foot banquet tables.

Retroreflective Proximity Banner Sensor


I’m super excited that we’re carrying this retroreflective sensor, manufactured by Banner. This little guy has found a place in many spots on 3940’s robots for the past several seasons. It is a dream for detecting game pieces, tape lines and more. It has been able to detect basically anything we’ve needed it to, including this year’s Power Cells.

13mm Cam Follower


This compact little roller is a great solution for your small but high load linear motion needs. These things are basically what you get when you combine a shoulder screw and a needle bearing, making them perfect for uses on linear devices such as elevators. With a static load rating of up to 600 pounds, these things can take a beating. Expect to see some more linear motion products coming from AndyMark that utilize this high quality, low profile bearing solution. For those playing at home with buckets of SAE hardware, you can install a 10-32 Nylock Nut onto the M5 threads of this product.

We’re pumped to be able to get more items up on the AndyMark Website that are in stock and ready to purchase as of the writing of this post! This is just in time for our 16th Anniversary Sale! We’re offering 16% off orders* placed on Sunday, June 7th 2020 and Monday, June 8th, 2020 when you use the promo code SWEET16 when checking out!

*Some Exclusions Apply

We’ve got more fun stuff to share with you all later this summer and fall! Keep an eye on our new products page to stay up to date, and see even more new things that haven’t been mentioned here yet.



Hey @Nick_Lawrence, is there a spec sheet available for this sensor? Looks like it could be very convenient for a variety of sensing applications.


Trying to get a sense for it? :wink:


Is this really true? I’ve admittedly never tried myself, but everything I’ve read says that while they’re very close they are not the same and you’ll probably end up binding the nut on the bolt without actually tightening against the clamped material

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I forwarded the tabletop shield to our school administration… I know they’re looking at how to re-open, space out students in classrooms, etc - it’s something that might come in handy for them. I’d encourage everyone to forward it to their school administration!

Happy to see these :grinning:!!

I also just realized that AM sells 32dp pinion for the 550 series motors!! I like the 32dp pattern for the high rpm of the Neo 550. Another plus is the pinion is smaller than the output pilot of the motor, which is not the case for the 8t -20dp 4272 used on their robot this year*.

Looks like something that existed for a little while, but TBH I never really used 550 series motors until this year. Happy it was pointed out to me.

*The 6dp gears that Vex sells are also smaller than the pilot of the motor, but we didn’t consider the gear being bigger than the pilot until after we ordered all of our gears.

…with the fire of a thousand suns!


Yep! We tried both our standard and thin Nylock nuts. The thin nuts are slightly easier to install than the standard ones, but any slight resistance to installing is paled in comparison to the resistance caused by the Nylon insert. The included M5 nut still works fine on the threads after the 10-32 nuts were used, and all of them snug up at the shoulder and can be repeatedly taken on and off without issue. We also do sell M5 Nylock nuts if you don’t want to risk it (which can be turned with either an 8mm or 5/16" wrench), but I didn’t want the metric thread to turn off anyone from using these.


Oops! Yep, we will upload the documentation on Monday, but it can all be found here:

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Are you planning on trying to get it approved? I could see it being pretty useful in FRC given that it could effectively double the amount of PDP slots you have for motors.

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