AndyMark Spring Product Launch 2020

That’s the NPN one. The PNP one is here - I’m not sure whether @NathanNFM gave the wrong link or the product page is wrong about the output.:

I guess that’s what I get for posting at midnight :stuck_out_tongue: I will verify the specs with the documentation on Monday.

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Good stuff! All of these products look legitimately useful and I can’t wait to try some of them out.

Everybot climbed on one motor.
AM14U4s (in stock form) drive on four motors.
Target Zone shooters don’t need a turret.
Corner-of-Trench-Run shooters don’t need an adjustable hood.

Design is all about tradeoffs.

Happy to see pre-pressed pinions be an option for the NEO line now. The Sport line is the one I recommend to folks* if they can only invest in one, and pre-pressed pinions remove that barrier to entry.

* And I would say that even if I didn’t work for AndyMark at one point. We only stock a few ratios, so the quick ratio changing of the VersaPlanetary isn’t worth the price premium to us. The UltraPlanetary sounds very promising and I’m looking forward to trying them, but its limited torque capacity means it can’t do the really big reductions nor run 775-class motors if/when they’re desired. So if you told me you could only do one gearbox family, it’s the Sport.


Pretty sure a 775-class motor literally can’t connect to a UP without a custom solution, which leaves you with 550-class motors, including the Neo550. Based on what I’ve seen around this year, I’d feel pretty good about putting a N550+UP the vast majority of places we used a 775pro+VP. Obviously some exceptions with high torque and such, but there are a lot of places I think we’ll be considering putting a N550+UP depending on what updates we can/want to do for 2021.

Correct, the UP can’t run a 775 or CIM-class motor. We ran a single RedLine in 2019 on our arm shoulder (total ratio: 400:1), and two of them on our climber (80:1). I would not feel comfortable using a N550+UP in any of those applications based on the REV guide, though it would be fair game in places like our conveyors and intake roller.

Still, two different gearbox ecosystems require two different pinions on the motors and two different sets of spare parts. How much teams value that versus the N550+UP combo’s size and cost savings is going to vary from team to team (partly on budget, partly on inventory complication tolerance, partly on how they feel about the SPARK MAX and NEO ecosystem).

Just a mod note: I did split the PDP discussion to its own thread over here. :slight_smile:


I hope they’re selling the NPN version. According to the wiring diagram, if you use the PNP version, DIO will be pulled up to 12V in the on state (or off state if you configure it like that). NPN just pulls the DIO to ground when triggered.

Lol… I recently bought these cam followers…

… 2000 of them …


What are you building? A production line?

What could possibly need that many cam followers, that’t too much to even justify as “I was stocking up”, so you clearly have some project in mind, but I’m baffled as to what it could possibly be.

A machine I designed at work requires 1600 of these cam followers… well… (2) machines… each require 800.



To clarify, the sensors we have on hand are indeed the NPN type. They are specifically the Q20ND sensor. Our website will be fixed later today, and also includes a datasheet.

Sorry for the confusion.



These are great for all sorts of robot related things. We’ve used them on robots for years on Wave… our auto in 2015 would not have worked without them…

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I recall a Banner sensor much like Q20ND being in the KoP circa 2004, and used by many teams for line following. Maybe it was there in 2003 also? Both games had auton challenges that could be met by line-following.

Here is the pertinent Q20ND spec:

It says the sensor can detect a 2" wide white line that is 2 to 6 inches away, with best results at 4 inch range. Seems useful for the current game.

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Me, too. Everyone should do this. Support your FRC suppliers. You know schools are looking for solutions right now.

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Hi All,

We released a few more little things today that I am personally excited about!

#25 and #35 Chain Attachment Links

Also known as K-Links these little guys fill a big hole in the elevator department, and allow you to easily connect chain to your carriage (or really anything you want). Both links were adapted specifically for the FIRST market with common hole spacings and hole sizes in mind, making their integration incredibly easy. Gone are the days of fishing a 4-40 through the gaps in chain rollers and hoping it holds.

Chain Bundles

In the same theme, we updated our 25 and 35 chain bundles to offer a sampler pack of all of our chain accessories including the above attachment links and the relatively new 1.5 links which make half link cotter pins a thing of the past.

Mecanum Wheel End Roller

Speaking of things from the past, am-2080. This is the roller used on the tips of the original 8" AndyMark mecanum wheel. The wheels that these rollers were designed for have long since been replaced with a stronger version, but we still have a few boxes of these rollers on the shelf. I have used them in all sorts of various applications from bump stops to grip pads. With the 70A Durometer overmolded polycarbonate, and convenient counterbored hole in the middle they make a great multi purpose accessory.

Random Hardware…?

As with the last few releases, this week we have a few more random bits of hardware. These are just items that we already have on our shelves and are used in other products. We make them available for sale if anyone needs a spare or can find new uses for them. One I am particularly happy to see this week is the 10-32 Rivet Nut. These are great for light duty applications like sponsor panels on your robot if they need to frequently come on and off.

Also, we got a few deliveries this week, The Magic Sprocket and the Hex HD Collar Clamp among others are back in stock!

@Nick_Lawrence and I will keep posting updates to this thread as we push more products live this summer and fall.


This is great!!! We have been able to find similar links for #35 chain in the past, but never for #25 chain (we found some sites that listed them, but when you called, they were not in stock and would only do high quantity special orders with long lead times).

We probably won’t use any on our 2020/2021 bot, but we may order some just to have some in our chain bin for the future. I know we would use these if we had an elevator.

Question - what size and spacing are the holes in the #25 links?

They are sized for #6 hardware on a 16mm (or 5/8") spacing. This is a common hardware size and spacing in FTC and fit best with the size of the link itself.

The #35 links are 1" spacing with clearance for #10 hardware.