AndyMark SS GEN 1

I’m trying to CAD out a robot, and I need an accurate model of the AndyMark Gen 1 Shifter. The problem is that the STP file of the AM website ruins the gears. This can’t exactly be helped. So I was going to go in, save the side plates, spacers, screws, and such and just put the gears on there, replace the CIM motors, and make it look like an actually AM Gen 1 Shifter. The one problem I’m having is that I can’t find what gears are actually in the gearbox.

I had one last year, but I lost in some where along the way, and I can’t remember if I had to custom make it then either… :mad:

If you have any information on an more accurate model, or what gears are in the AndyMark Gen 1 Shifter, that would be a great help and highly appreciated.


(Knowing my luck someone is going to point out the section on the AM website with the information I need, or a link to a website I searched for hours on. Yay for lack of sleep! )

If you mean the generation 1 shifter I just fixed the CAD of it for my team. I think everything works except for the CIM gears. I had to guess on one shaft but that’s all. I have attached an inventor format of it.

I hope this helps.

edit: oh sorry, I may have gotten the weight off on the CIM motors and a few other parts (too lazy to convert between units :rolleyes:).

AM Shifter_Pnematic.iam (172 KB)

AM Shifter_Pnematic.iam (172 KB)