AndyMark support at Championships


We are excited to be attending the FIRST Championships this week. I would like to describe our support of FIRST and FRC teams at the event:

  1. Supplier Summit booth
    Stop by our table at the Supplier’s Summit (at the top of the escalator at the West end of Convention Center). We will have some surveys to fill out and some small give-aways.
    Nick Boyce will be manning the booth most of the time, with help from Mark Koors, David Kelly, and myself.
    If you need support, see Nick at the booth.
    If no one is at the booth, and you need support, please leave a note for Nick.

  2. Mark Koors will be volunteering as the FTA on Archimedes.

  3. I will be volunteering as a referee on one of the fields (don’t know which one yet).

  4. While Mark and I are still mentors on team 45, we will not be in the 45 pit this year. If you seek help from the TechnoKats, they will point you toward Nick at the AndyMark booth for issues regarding AndyMark products.

Safe travels to everyone, and best of luck in Atlanta.

Andy Baker

And you will also be giving a presentation Wednesday night right? Looking forward to that…

They recently changed up the conference schedule, which can be found here:

So his presentation should be happening Thursday morning at 8am!


Ian McKenzie (mentor on 1114 and 2008 WFFA winner in Waterloo) and I will be giving that presentation. If you don’t know Ian, you will be surprised by his expertise in omni-directional systems.


This is one of those presentation you don’t want to miss. Hearing Andy or Ian speak about FIRST is always inspiring, but the two of them together will definitely be an amazing inspirational and learning experience. I’d make a point of attending this seminar if you even have the slightest curiosity about omnidirectional drive systems.