AndyMark Swerve and Steer Modules for sale

AndyMark Swerve and Steer Modules for Sale
Our team is looking to sell (4) AndyMark Swerve modules, motors, encoders, and motor controllers. They are in good working condition and we never had the opportunity to use them in a competition. Let us know if you’re interested. $800 + shipping for everything below
(4) am-3009 Swerve and Steer Modules
(4) am-0255 CIM Motors
(4) am-2816a PG Stearing motor, gearbox, & encoder (am-2971, am-0939, am-2161, am-2816a)
(4) am-2899 MA3 Absolute (steering encoders)
(4) am-3314a CIMcoder (CIM drive encoders)
(8) am-2854 Talon SRX Speed Controllers w/breakouts from all encoders on Swerve Motors (am-3281, am-2633)

DM me if you have any questions. Thx

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Cleaning out the shop, so best offer on these for anyone looking to get into swerve.

FYI - we have sold these modules. Thank you


8513 thanks you for these modules! Our test base is slowly coming togeather!


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