AndyMark Winter Product Launch - December 6th 2018


Matt only asked because he’s building fidget spinners.




Oh sure reveal the secret 1/2Hex bearing source. Now we aren’t going to be able to find enough fidget spinners to finish our 2020 robot.



2017 called, it wants it’s toy back.


It’s always 2017 when you have a time machine.


Don’t forget, this Thursday we’ll be showing you some of our new favourite products starting at 5PM EST on the AndyMark Twitch channel, with the website going live with new products starting at 6PM EST. We’re excitedly getting things ready for you to enjoy later this week.

You’ll want to stick around for the entire broadcast - towards the end of it we’ll be doing a live Q&A with some demonstration of products live on air with some of our staff. You won’t want to miss it!



Will the broadcast be recorded and posted somewhere for those of us who won’t be awake to watch it live? I’d love to see the product demo videos, but I think it’ll be a bit past my bedtime.


Yes, the video will be available on twitch and YouTube after the show ends.


Welcome to mid-career, when working at 6 pm feels normal, and it is jussst beginning to suck sometimes.

Oh, PLEASE, drop the cannonball!


I’m picturing a live shot of Nick, atop the Kokomantis, cannonball in hand…


This is starting to sound like a popular show that once aired on MTV.



The Kokomantis? Those are rookie numbers. The top of The Stump, minimum. Ideally, the top of the bank building where the TechnoKats do the ball drop. That’s about the tallest building in Kokomo, isn’t it?

Or if any of the Jackrabbits are still in town, a home run might make an acceptable substitute.

(I know everyone more than an hour or so from Kokomo is just looking at this post and thinking “Whuuuh?”)


I was thinking of the inevitable crowd that would gather as THE Nick Lawrence makes a rare public appearance. The Stump doesn’t allow much room for onlookers, paparazzi, and with all the trees around, the news choppers wouldn’t be able to get a good cover shot. Kokomantis is right downtown, plenty of parking, and when the party’s over, everybody can enjoy a nice Subway footlong.


If the weather was nice, I’d walk a few blocks for some 3 Amigos or Jamie’s Soda Fountain. Or, if my crowd was 21+, over to Cook’s. Shame that The Wildcat appears to have closed, their stuff was delicious too. Though if the walk is out, there’s always calling ahead for some Pizza Junkiez straight down Washington Street.

I’m happy to be about 20 degrees warmer today in South Carolina, but I left more than some scraps of cardboard up there. :wink:


I’ve been told El Borrego is the new best mexican joint in town, but I have yet to experience it.
Its also around a half mile away so well within walking distance.



We’re working on sourcing a cannonball facsimile at the moment. Look for the drop in the AM in the PM episode on the 13th!


Can I get one of you?


Today is the day! Tonight we’ll go live at 5PM EST on the AndyMark Twitch Channel to show you some of our new favourite things. We’ll be releasing over 100 new part numbers; most of which are in stock and ready to ship today. Products should go live on the website around 6PM.

We’re putting the final touches on the product pages and documentation. Should be an exciting day! Make sure you stay to watch the entire broadcast, you don’t want to miss a thing.

See you tonight!