AndyMark's 2011 FRC Electrical & Electronic Video Challenge

AndyMark challenged teams to produce a video with
the objective of demonstrating “best practice wiring techniques showing
proper and legal connections, and SIMPLE explanations of how to wire up a
2011 FRC robot”.

Team Nemesis, 2590, Robbinsville High School, took a crack at this
and the results are here:

Let us know what you think.

You can see this and other team’s submissions at

mentor, team 2590

I like :smiley:

I can give you one hint… I can count on one hand how many teams were in the running as of week 5 lol ( and no five isn’t the number just saying)

Team 1646, Precision Guessworks, has (finally!) completed our video as well!

Check it out at

AndyMark has not yet posted the official results, however,
I checked the hit counts at approx. 12:00PM EST last night
(and I think the official count was supposed to be at 10:45 CST
so I was late).

A total of 4 teams had entered and the results were:

354 - 2590, Nemesis
306 - 3296, Cart and Clovis West Robotics
304 - 1646, Boiler Precision Guessworks
264 - 3556, Get Smart

So the counts for second and third were really close.
You’ll need to wait for the AndyMark official tallies.

2590 asked all the mid-Atlantic teams to check out our
video and I’d like to thank all the folks that did so.
Hopefully teams will follow this contest up with more comprehensive
video tutorials that won’t be so rushed. We had a long list
of topics to include but cut it way back to make the deadline…