AngelBotics 1339 "Keep It Simple Tour '23" Shirts

Team 1339, AngelBotics, will be rocking into Houston for Championship with our Keep It Simple Tour concert shirts ready for sale or trade. They are part of our KISS theme for the year and are made of 100% heavyweight old-school cotton, like an old hair metal concert shirt. Our tour dates and sponsors are on the back, Team REV and Open Alliance on the sleeves.

Fill out our order form here:

We can offer shipping, but if you prefer to pick up in our pit just let us know in the form. Some of our students and mentors may have a personal stash of shirts they bring to Houston for trade, send me a DM here if you have cool swag in tow. Personally I wear a size XL and will have about eight-ish shirts in sizes S-2XL that I can trade for stuff in my size.

See you in Detroit, Rock City! Oops, I mean Houston.

Mr. N


These are tight. Iā€™m wearing mine right now!


is there a chance these will be at green country, or just worlds?

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Yes! We will also have shirts available at Green Country.

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