AngelBotics at the school pep rally! Go 1339!

Fun story: A few years ago when I was a student at one of our rallies, I drove our mecanum T-shirt cannon. I did some crazy strafing, scratched up the gym floor, and accidentally decked someone in the face with a shirt, and they had class with me right after. The Athletic Director hates gym floor scratches, and I’m not sure if we’ve done a rally since. Regardless, we the robotics team, probably got the crowd more pumped than any of the athletic sports teams at an athletic sports rally, which is a pretty good feeling. Can’t go wrong with launching free stuff at ridiculously excited people. Good times, good times…

Lesson: Make sure your bots don’t go crazy on gym floors, especially with mecanum wheels, and for goodness sake, if you have a scary T-shirt cannon, back away from the crowd, or else someone’s getting dressed up at point blank.

Considering the magnitude of Denver East basketball, I was surprised to see they even let you drive around to begin with! Good to see that robotics gets some spirit too!