AngelNet up, we need comments.

Hi everyone AngelNet is up and running again,

I posted this once before but I post again because there have been a couple of changes and updates. The site has many new features now including our brand new FIRST Ultimate Quiz (it has over 80 FIRST related questions, and I plan to have more added), FIRST Screensavers and more importantly resources and information about our team in general.

We have a lot more source which needs to be uploaded (more features and updates are coming yesss) but before we go any further I need comments and suggestions plzz.

Visit Thanks :slight_smile:

:yikes: Your site is awesome! After browsing the site for awhile I’ve found only one fault. Try and clean up the FIRST Canadian Regional logo at:

Just one question, are all the FIRST logos you modified approved by FIRST?

Please evaluate our site:


I would suggest a different font on the menus. Everything else seems to be good. The flash was good, but very slow. I imagine you guys are running it from a box at home. Try uncapping the limit your isp has set :wink: or get t1.


We have spent a bit of timing ensuring that it will do well at the Canadian Regional. Constantly upgrading, re-vamping and adding.

Yeh the logo on the workshop page does need to be fixed, I will keep that in mind.

The FIRST logo was taken from the original FIRST logo off the FIRST Canadian Regional website, so I should be fine. Do I have to get the minimized and whitened version of the FIRST approved? Really?

Well actually the Flash will work fast on faster computers. I have a 1GHz system and it works perfectly. As for hosting, our school has its own IT department that setup a computer specifically for hosting with Windows Server 2003 Web Edition on a T2 line :-p No home computer hosting for us :-p

I will see about upgrading the hardware to make it faster.


The colors are fine right? Not to dark not too light? Colours mesh properly? No gaps in the design?

that site is smoooth. Nice job.

v. nice. now is it standards compliant? :wink: (heh, i had to find something complain about :slight_smile: )

it really is a great site, though.

Sweet webstie, very slick. Nice work.

Well we do usually try to stay within standards. I can’t say that I am 100% but my team has been warned about it.

I have tested it on different browsers and different os. My dynamic DHTML menu was the thing that gave us most problems. It was a bit complicated to align the menu properly at first (on Opera and Safari for Mac I noticed things would change dramatically so I fixed that up asap).

I’m using Safari 1.2, and it looks fine. good job. on the validation side, though…

first of all, SCRIPT tags should go inside the HEAD tags.

second, the HEAD tag isn’t closed - there’s no /HEAD tag.

finally, somewhere you’ve got a CENTER tag that isn’t closed - check the link above for more detailed info on that

if you really wanted to be standards-compliant, you could add ALT attributes for all of your images, but you don’t have to.

Uhh, Dave, the menu doesn’t work at all when reloaded in a new page in Mozilla/Netscape. Just to let you know. You have the award for the CR.

it works fine for me in Mozilla, Firefox, Camino, and Safari…

Oh yeh. I will get one of my guys on it asap. It should be done by Friday night. I completely forgot about ALT’s and stuff -_-. So much to do so little time.

About the DHTML menu, yeh I have to fix that its very annoying. I use Mozilla as my regular browser and it really bothers me. I have to find the time to work out the bug.

Well I don’t want to count my chickens before they hatch but I wont deny that I want the award :slight_smile: We are trying our best and hopefully it will work out for us in the end.

Has anybody downloaded our screensavers? You like?

We worked out a lot of validation problems. Most of them were redundant errors contracted in the headers and footers scripts. The others were scattered through scripts.

How does it look/feel now?

I finally got the French translation system working properly. I had to create a completely different French version of the menu, then have it switch based on which language is selected. Makes it easy to update for future languages :slight_smile: