Angled Wheel Intakes

Our team was wondering about the feasibility of an angled wheel intake, to bring the cargo towards the center of the intake. Has anyone else attempted something like this in the past (i.e. Stronghold) or prototyped something similar this year? I’ve checked elsewhere, but couldn’t seem to find anything.

Many teams used meccanums in 2016 to move the balls to the center. 971 comes to mind.

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We sort of ruled out mecanums as a price constraint and a minor weight issue, so angled wheels were the general consensus

2481 used a standard intake with angled rollers in the back to center the ball in 2016


Thanks! We might implement something similar (or loosely based on the original concept) :slight_smile:

971 in 2016 had the most effective intake that year, their intake used mecanum wheels so sort of angled rollers but still very effective.