Angling/Rotating the Navx for the swerve MK2

Hello I am having an issue with the angleing of the navx on our swerve robot. To start the swerve mk2 code works by having our navx facing forward so we know how we are oriented. The problem we are running into is that we have rotated our roborio and thus the navx by 90 degrees in the right direction. So now the Navx is no longer facing the forward direction causing the code not to work. So how would I code a 90 degree offset in my navx to have it believe it is facing foward. I have looked for commands and examples on how to do this but i cannot find this, any help would be much apreciated

I find it hard to believe that rotating the Robotio by 90 degrees around the yaw axis would affect anything. I think this is what you are describing, and if so you’ll need to provide your code and a better description of how it’s supposed to work.

If you’ve instead put the roborio vertical, see OmniMount | navX-MXP

Ha yes this fixed our problem and we are not driving properly on our code, thank you so much for your help